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As far as I am aware of here are some other things: illegal drugs, narcotics, x-rays, some prescription medications (birth control pills, etc.), some over the counter medications (ibuprofen), caffine, sugar, cigarettes, smuff, cat feces, and harsh fumes. You might want to ask your doctor for a list of things.

Drugs, ibuprofin, nuprin, asprin, hot baths, artificial sweetners, and a lot of other things affect the fetus. The best thing to do is to contact your physician and ask the main things to stay away from. Also, make sure if you eat fish that it is fresh. !

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Q: Apart from alcohol what are some other things that affect the fetus?
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Can a males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?

Yes males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life

When will alcohol affect fetus?

From conception to birth.

How do poisons from cigarettes and alcohol get to the fetus?

the alcohol and cigarette smoke gets to the fetus through the mother and her blood which can affect the baby in many ways.

How does alcohol affect a fetus when a woman is pregnant?

It's not a good idea for a woman to drink alcohol while she is pregnant because she is not drinking for herself, and it will affect the growth of the fetus. It could possibly kill the baby before it's born.

What is the percentage of males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life?

The consumption of alcohol by males has not been shown to be a factor in fetal alcohol syndrome.

Why is it dangerous for the fetus if a pregnant woman drinks alcohol?

Everything you take, drink or eat the baby get and it will affect the growth. The tiny organs can't handle alcohol etc.

Does alcohol before pregnancy affect miscarriage rate?

Yes it can and it cannot. Due to the chemicals that are present in alcohol, a shrinkage of blood occurs within the fetus. This can quite possibly cause a miscarriage or some affect on the birthing period.

What can harm an unborn fetus?

Many things can harm the unborn fetus including, but not limited to, alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription and non-prescription medication, infections, trauma, and smoking.

What affects on the fetus of the alcohol?

Fetal alcohol syndrome. This includes decreased development of the fetus, intra-uterine growth retardation, mental retardation.

Can drinking 2 units of alcohol a week affect the 18 week old fetus?

Drinking small amounts of alcohol have been proven to NOTbe harmful to an unborn baby....Just don't get trashed...

What are some effects of alcohol on the fetus?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrom can affect the growth and weight of the child. It can damage the brain causing mental retardation, poor reasoning skills, and mental health problems.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while being pregnant?

no, alcohol can harm the fetus

Does IVF affect the fetus?

No, it does not.

Why is it that drugs or alcohols taken by a mother can affect her unborn baby?

In the uterus, the placenta and cord attaches from the mother to the fetus, delivering all nutrients directly from the mother's blood stream to the fetus. If the mother is on drugs or drinks alcohol, that also passes from the mother's blood stream to her fetus.

How can alcohol affect the fetus?

Alcohol in the maternal blood gets into the foetus through the umbilical cord and reaches all the tissues in the growing foetus. The way it is harmful to adults the same way it is harmful to foetus.

What effects does alcohol have on the fetus?

go to mayoclinic look up fetal alcohol syndrome

How does alcohol get transferred from mother to the fetus?

Via the placenta

What are environmental hazards that can affect fetus?

Air pollution, food pollution and rarely water pollution can affect the fetus adversely.

Can drinking alcohol kill a fetus?

Yes.Drinking alcohol has been linked to conditions that can harm a fetus, or even cause a miscarriage. Yes, the foetus is another name for a baby growing in its mothers womb and alcohol can definitely kill it.

Can rubbing alcohol hurt unborn baby?

No, it will never get to the fetus.

Can a fetus ever rid itself of alcohol?

Yes it barfs

How is alcohol is transferred from mother to fetus?

Through the blood system

What STDs can affect the fetus?

Chlamydia and AIDS

Is fetal alcohol syndrome genetic?

no. it is due to the expectant mother drinking alcohol over a period of time affecting the fetus. Each time an expectant mother drinks and or smokes, so does the fetus.

What is the effects of 13.7 grams of alcohol on a fetus?

You should never drink any amount of alcohol during pregnancy. There is research showing that very small amounts can have an effect on a fetus and cause birth defects. Drinking any amount of alcohol can cause FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).