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Shakespeare was also an accomplished poet, with his works including sonnets and narrative poems.

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How many other careers did William Shakespeare have?

Apart from being a poet and playwright, he was an actor and businessman.

What other plays did William shakespeare write?

William Shakespeare was a famous British playwright. Other than Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare has written other plays such as Macbeth.

What was the other job of William Shakespeare?

Apart from writing plays, he was also an actor and businessman. They were all part of the same job, actually.

Was William Shakespeare a real writer?

There are many debates over William Shakespeare. There are people who theorize that William Shakespeare, was not actually William Shakespeare. These people believe that William Shakespeare was a noble of high birth, who was using the name William Shakespeare to publish writing. There's also the belief that William Shakespeare was actually several different people writing under the name of William Shakespeare. Ultimately, there's no hard evidence to suggest that William Shakespeare was anyone other than William Shakespeare. So the answer is "YES, William Shakespeare was a real writer."

How many pieces of literature did William shakespeare wrote?

He wrote: 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems and many other poems.

What other name was William Shakespeare known as?

The Bard.

How far apart are the two pieces of the ship the titanic apart from each other on the bottom of the ocean?

The two major pieces of the wreck are 1,972 feet apart on the seabed.

Did William shakespeare know lil Wayne?

No William Shakespeare did not know lil Wayne. William Shakespeare died long before lil Wayne was born, so they could never have met each other.

How many children have Mary Shakespeare and john Shakespeare?

There were 7 other children of John and Mary Shakespeare besides William.

What other job did shakespeare do apart from writing?

He was also an actor and a businessman

How many grandchildren did William Shakespeare have?

William Shakespeare had 4 grandchildren. His daughter Judith had 3, his other daughter Susanna had 1, and his son had none.

What was the William Shakespeare's email?

William Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616. The first e-mail was not sent until 1965, 349 years later. So William Shakespeare, the poet and playwright, did not have an e-mail address. Other people called William Shakespeare that are alive today may well have one, but not that William Shakespeare.

How far apart were the Titanic's two pieces from each other?

The bow and stern of the Titanic are 1,970 feet apart from each other

Did William Shakespeare separate from his wife Anne Hathaway?

They lived apart, certainly. However there is no indication that they ever stopped considering each other to be man and wife. In that sense they never separated.

Where did William Shakespeare get his inspiration?

Shakespeare actually got a lot of his ideas from other writers or from real life situations.

Who has said the quote The miserable have no other medicine but hope?

William Shakespeare

What other writer is Charles Dickens often compared to?

William Shakespeare

What has the author William G Shakespeare written?

William G. Shakespeare has written: 'Ypres & other poems' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Poetry

What was Shakespeare's full name?

William Shakespeare. Spelling variations abound, but he did not have any other name."William Shakespeare" William shakespere was quite literly his full name he was never given a middle name.

Is there a writer named William?

Notably, there is one writer named William: William Shakespeare. Clearly, there are hundreds of other writers named William as well.

Was shakespeare born on 3rd march 1971?

William Shakespeare the poet and playwright wasn't (he was born in 1564). Maybe some other person called Shakespeare was.

What was the the last play William Shakespeare wrote?

The last play written by William Shakespeare was Henry VII. This play was not published until1623 which is earlier than some of his other plays.

Did William Shakespeare marry anyone else other than Anne Hathaway?


Why did William Shakespeare write the comedy The Tempest?

Shakespeare wrote The Tempest for the same reason he wrote his other plays--to make money.

What has the author Norman William Bennett written?

Norman William Bennett has written: 'Wednesday and other pieces'