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Apart from using the Mystery Gift how could you get the Aurora Ticket?


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You could use an Action Replay (advised) or GameShark.

Do yourself a favor, use an Actiona Replay.


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You could in the past get them on mystery gift, I don't think you can get them anymore.

From what I have been told there isn't one. I could be wrong.

The only place I know you can get an aurora ticket is leaf/green and fire/red but I never fount anything about one in diamond and pearl so i say no even though i wish i could say yes sorry

you could travel to the country that is doing the event but it will be in a different language.

you really can not get deoxys in Pokemon ruby but you could get a gameshark and hack and i think you need aurora ticket

u can use the gameshark or you could have participated in the mystery gift event i can use the gameshark then what is the code?

yes, its the bitrh island enabler: aurura ticket. Navel rock enabler: mystic ticket. but i dont have th codes for them sorry. you could try, or on the codes there always work except for the walk through walls code._____________________________________________________________________(M)aster code:9266FA6C97BD905B5ED35F81B76A68E5FAB1Old Sea Chart in PC:5B1CB4D7 10FA9D05Old Sea Chart Enabler (do not have Brave Symbol):66170A7B BA1B4D7BOld Sea Chart Enabler (have Brave Symbol):653C743B 4B626426Aurora Ticket in PC:483511F5 E6C8E537Aurora Ticket Enabler (do not have Brave Symbol):66170A7B BA1B4D7BAurora Ticket Enabler (have Brave Symbol):653C743B 4B626426Mystic Ticket in PC:BE39B3A8 280987E1Mystic Ticket EnablerE961B0C7 750B1250Eon ticket in PC:0A6626D3 648DA17AEon Ticket Enabler181690CB 4E53CB05There you go =DI know these work, I tested them (well... I tested the enablers :P)

the only way to get it is to trade it from Pokemon firered/leafgreen or u could go to the Nintendo event get from through mystery gift.

I think Aurora is a lovely name. A shortened form could be "Rory".

There might be but don't get your hopes up. No Information on this has been released in Japan or America.

Available to you after finishing and completing certain objectives their are 7 legendaries. However if you had the Mystic Ticket and Aurora Ticket from a Nintendo Event for the Destiny Deoxys movie then you could obtain 3 more legendary pokemon (Ho-oh, Lugia, Deoxys).

You Need Either A game shark or action replay, Or you could go to a Nintendo event if they even have them around anymore.

You cannot do anything with the Mystery Gift option anymore, unfortunately, regardless of whether you have an adapter or not. Old Mystery Events that could have been retrieved include a ticket to Birth Island and Naval Island and multiple event Pokemon such as the Wish or Birthday series.

It could, it depends on how strong Mount Rushmore is and what could make it fall apart. The most likely reason for it to fall apart is by earthquake, but I wouldn't count on it falling apart.

Dona is the Spanish word for Lady, so Dona Aurora means Lady Aurora. This could refer to many different people. Philippine Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's mother was called Dona Aurora.There is also a flower: Mussaenda philippica Dona Aurora(white) the Beautiful white hybrid of Mussaenda - Dona Aurora.

You could only get tickets like the Aurora and Eon tickets from special Nintendo events that took place in 2004-2005. You can get them with a hacking device (i.e. Action Replay, Gameshark, etc.) however.

Well there is no true mystery part in the name "Mystery Dungeon", but I guess you could say the mystery is what you will encounter in the dungeon.

You could see Saturn clearly from a telescope . When saturn rotates you can probably see the aurora . But on the other hand Saturn is made of gas so it probably DOES have an aurora :)

Ummmm..... because you could get a crick in your neck while looking up at them? Because you could get cold from being outside at night with your mouth open because the auroras are so beautiful? Because if you're driving when an aurora develops, you could have an accident from not paying attention to the road? No, really, there's nothing dangerous about an aurora.

Hes at Navel Rock along with Ho-Oh;The Legendary Bird Pokemon. Theres a couple ways to get to navel rock, you could: Use a gamshark or other cheating device Nintendo Events Get The Mystic ticket. To get the mystic ticket you will nheed the mystery gift,to get it you can go to any pokemart and go up to the main counter. There will be a qeustionere that you can fill out. Fill it out with the words "Link Together With All". Get a wireless adapter and select the mystery gift option on the main menu. The Mystery Gift will also give you the Aurora Ticket that will let you Go to Birth Island;Were Deoxys is located.sure you can my friend caught him in altering caveYES! u hav 2 hav beaten the Pokemon league first, and talk 2 som person or somfin in broks city. if ya don't get me, then type in how to catch lugia on Pokemon fire red, type that in on YOUTUBE

you cant, it wouldn't be a mystery if you could tell what was in it.

No, ya can't get the Eon Ticket without an action replay(gameboy version) or hack, but their are some events you can find at Toys 'R' Us! You could go to Woolworth's but to bad the credit crunch shut it down.=Hope I helped! :)=

Ask the question again to define what ticket cost you mean. This could be interpreted to mean traffic ticket, concert ticket, museum ticket, etc.

If 47 is divided by a mystery number with a remainder of 3 the mystery number is 4.

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