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MIS stands for a Management Information System. In terms of the human resources department, this is an important function for storing employee information.

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What are various types of management information system?

1) Accounting MIS 2) Financial MIS 3) Manufacturing MIS 4) Marketing MIS 5) HR MIS

What are the function in mis report?

MIS typically stands for Management Information System. So the function of a MIS Report is to report information to the organization's management.

Mis report for Hr?

using manpower and resources in systematic manner

Can you give me mis report for hr department with an example in excel with formulaes?

A MIS report is a management information system report and an Excel spreadsheet is a way of presenting such a report. But this question is unanswerable as written. Which company's HR department are they asking about?

Where can you find a solutions manual for MIS Cases Decision Making with Application Software fourth edition?

Where can you find a solutions manual for MIS Cases Decision Making with Application Software 4th edition?

What are the function HR manager?


How does the escalator function?

escalator function and application

How do you get RCFL soft copy of application form without application number?

rcfl HR mail ID in company website

What function does a server have?

Server's function is to respond for the client's application requests

What is the function of opera software and picasa software?

function of opera application

What it HR?

HR is Human Resource Management a support function that takes of all the issues relating to employees and work place

Function of the web-based application?

The function of the web-based application is to implement webmail, online retail sales, discussion boards, wikis, and the online auctions. The web application can be described as an application that is accessed via a web.

What is the function of a business credit application?

The function of a business credit application is to help manage and screen out potential customers who are seeking approval for loans and credit cards. This application helps increase efficiency.

What is Application Systems?

a group of related application programme designed to perform a specific function.

What is Role of MIS in organization?

providing valid information to the decision maker and also for analysis function

Impact of Management Information System on Business?

Management information system (MIS) is completely integrated with business today. Various business functions such as customer satisfaction, sales and marketing, IT operations, HR, operations management all benefit from MIS.

Comparison between general purpose application software and function-specific application function?

pls refer back to ur IS text book.

Difference between hr generalist and hr specialist?

HR Generalist is someone who has mastery in HR roles across HR functions with a broad experience focusing in the big picture, while HR Specialist is the one who is specialized in a single HR function. Nevertheless, HR Specialist if the specialization is not mentioned such as "HR Specialist-Performance Management"may share with Generalist the same experience. Waheeb Al Draigan Sr. HR Specialist

How parents will write a application for shift change?

To write an application for a shift change, parents, should address the letter to the HR departments with valid reasons.

Main function in c?

The main function defines the entry point of an application in C.

How do you call and ask if a company is hiring?

Call and ask for HR, then ask if they are accepting application s

Application of analytic function in scientific fields?

practical application of analytic functions on chemical engineering

Why does your job application status say view edit submission?

That you are still able to edit application because it has not been completed by HR and submitted to Hiring Manager.

What is a real life application of a tangent function?


Is browsing the web a function of application software?


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