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There are a great many applications that water can do for gas. Water can dilute gas to help it run better.

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Can you use cpvc pipes for underground gas piping?

No. CPVC is plastic pipe, used for water applications only!

Mention any two applications of dissolved gases?

# Chlorine gas dissolved in water chlorinates it and keeps it safe from bacterial contamination. # Oxygen gas dissolved in water keeps fish and other aquatic life forms alive.

What are the typical applications of a solid liquid and gas electrical insulator?

One of the typical applications of the solid liquid and gas electrical insulator is that it is used in the transformers to prevent the arcs.

What are the applications of water rocket?

One of the most common applications of a water rocket is to prove Newton\'s laws.

Does water float on gas?

No, water does not float on gas. Gas floats on water.

Is gas in water?

yes. gas is in water

What is the difference between water and gas?

Water is a liquid and Gas is a gas

What are some applications for standard temperature?

the ideal gas law is one of them.

What is the common use of helium?

Some applications of helium are: - refrigerant (as liquid helium) - filling gas for CANDU nuclear fuel elements - cooling gas in gas cooled nuclear reactors - filling gas for balloons - filling gas for lasers - carrier gas in gas chromatography - welding gas (for inert gas-wolfram welding) - creating inert atmospheres in many applications - gas used in leak detection instruments - gas for diving apparatus - scientific researches - etc.

How is ice a gas?

Ice is not a gas. Ice is the solid state of water. The gas state of water is water vapor

How does a gas water heater function?

I am considering buying a gas water heater. How does a gas water heater work?

What is the gas from of water called?

Water existing as gas is called water vapor.

When water is a gas it is called?

When water is in the form of a gas, it is called water vapour.

What is water in form of a gas?

water in the form of gas is water vapor.

What is water gas and how it is prepared?

Water gas (vapors) is prepared by boiling water.

What are some applications of Grahams law?

Determining the speed or rate at which a gas will escape from a container relative to some other gas.

What are some applications for a water tube boiler?

Water tube boilers are used in marine and stationary applications. A water tube boiler heats by water flowing through tubes and being heated by fire externally.

Gas Water Heater?

form_title= Gas Water Heater form_header= Install a gas water heater in your home! Are you repairing an existing gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure Do you want to install a new gas water heater?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure How old is your home?*= _ [50]

What does xenon gas do?

Applications of xenon: - filling gas for different types of lamps - isolator gas - propeller in ionic spacecraft engines - anaesthetic gas - filling gas in lasers - chemical studies of noble gas chemistry

Water in the from of a gas?

Water in the form of a gas is called steam.

Is water vapor a liquid or gas?

Water vapor is a gas.

WHAT gas in water decrease WATER pollution?

Chlorine gas.

Is water vapor gas or liquid?

It is a gas phase of Water.

How can you turn water into a gas?

Water turns into a gas when it is heated

How you can turn water into a solid or a gas?

you can freeze the water to make it solid. and for gas, you can boil the water until it turns into gas