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The Distance is Appox: 2981 Miles (4797 Kilometers)

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Q: Approximately how many miles is it from Grand Rapids Michigan to Fairbanks Alaska?
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How many air miles is it from Fairbanks Alaska to Grand Rapids Michigan?

2791 miles (4492 kilometers).

How far is grand rapids Michigan to petoskey Michigan?

It is approximately 185 miles from Grand Rapids to Petoskey, Michigan.

How far is grand rapids from Detroit?

The driving distance from Detroit, Michigan to Grand Rapids, Michigan is 157.7 miles. This drive takes approximately 2 hours 22 minutes.

Where is grand rapids in?

grand rapids is in Michigan

What is the halfway point between Grand Rapids Michigan and Spokane Washington?

Approximately Bismark, North Dakota.

How many miles between Grand Rapids Michigan and Ontario Canada?

The closest Ontario city bordering Michigan is Sarnia, so the distance from Grand Rapids to Ontario (Sarnia) would be approximately 182.34 miles.

What distance from Grand Rapids to Lake Michigan?

There are 125.221 miles between Grand Rapids, Michigan and Lake Michigan.

Is Ada Michigan closer to Grand Rapids Michigan than Dutton Michigan?

Yes, Ada is closer to Grand Rapids.

Distance from Grand Rapids to Lake Michigan?

What is the driving time to Lake Michigan from Grand Rapids?

Where is Grand Valley state University?

The Grand Valley State University is located in Allendale, Michigan. The campus is approximately 12 miles west of Grand Rapids, Michigan and does offer course at their Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids.

What is the distance from Grand Rapids Michigan to Lake Michigan?

From downtown Grand Rapids you can plan on about 40 - 45 minutes to Lake Michigan.

How far is Flint Michigan from Grand Rapids Michigan?

Flint is 113.70 miles away from Grand Rapids.

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