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it really depends on its condition. what do you have?

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Can you just replace one cylinder on a 200 mercury outboard?

I have a bad cylinder on my mercury outboard 200 h.p. can I just replace the bad cyliner without rebuilding the entire outboard.

What does a 1988 115 HP 6 cylinder mercury outboard weigh?

The dry weight of a 1988 model, 115 hp Mercury outboard is 312 lbs.

What year is a Mercury 650 Triple Cylinder outboard serial number 6315551?

A 65 hp Mercury outboard, SN 6315551 would be a 1976 year model.

What Is The Weight of mercury 50 hp outboard?

199 lbs. for the 4 cylinder classic

What year is an 80 hp 4-cylinder mercury outboard serial 3190428?

In addition to the engine serial number, the horsepower rating is needed to determine the year model for a Mercury outboard.

50hp Mercury outboard serial A101869 what year?

If your engine is a 4 cylinder model, it is a 1985. If it is a 3 cylinder model, it is a 1986.

Is the gear ratio the same for 1978 80 hp mercury outboard and a 1978 90 hp mercury outboard?

No as all the inline 6 cylinder motors are a 2:1 ration and all the small inline 4 cylinder are 2:3:1 ratio

What size battery for a 90 hp mercury outboard?

Mercury 1984 6 cylinder L6 what type & size of starting battery is required

What is the spark plug gap for a 1995 40HP Mercury outboard 2 cylinder?

The plug gap for a 1995 model, 40 hp Mercury is .035 in.

What year is mercury outboard with serial?

What year is Mercury Outboard with serial # 5863149

How much does a 40hp 2005 mercury outboard weigh?

The dry weight of the Mercury outboard FourStroke 40 HP boat motor released in 2005 is approximately 250 pounds. Later versions of this motor are slightly lighter.

What is the mix for a 50 hp mercury outboard with thunderbolt ignition?

The in-line 4 cylinder, 50 hp Mercury outboard requires a 50:1 ratio, one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.

Which spark plug for Mercury 90HP outboard?

The 3 cylinder model Mercury 90, uses a NGK BUHW-2, or Champion L78V. The 6 cylinder model, takes a NGK BUHW, or a Champion L76V.

What is the largest hp 4-cylinder mercury outboard motor?

125 HP. 130 HP and above are V6s.

What is the weight of a 1990 40 hp 2 stroke four cylinder mercury?

A 1990 Model, 40 hp Mercury outboard, has a dry weight of 182 lbs.

What does a 1973 150 mercury outboard motor weight?

what does a 1991 mercury 150 outboard weigh

What year is the 8hp Mercury outboard with serial 0B397775?

What year is the 8hp Mercury outboard with serial o6156590 ?

How old is a Mercury outboard serial 7042343?

hat year is this mercury outboard 7.5h.p seal #704818

How much is a 1985 mercury outboard rebuild motor worth?

70 horse 1985 mercury outboard

How do you replace a shear pin on a 25hp Mercury outboard?

Is there a shear on a 1975 mercury 200 (20hp) outboard motor

How do you adjust the idle on a 80 hp Mercury Outboard engine?

1978 80 Mercury Outboard IDLE ADJUSTMENT

How do you tell from the serial number what year mercury outboard motor was manufactured?

i have a mercury outboard motor the serial# is G034632

What year is a mercury outboard with serial number 9252733?

You may have mistaken the '1' for a '2'..if your engine is a 4hp 2 cylinder it dates from 1978.

How much does a 1983 40HP Mercury Outboard weigh?

The dry weight of a 1983 model, 40hp Mercury outboard, is 156lbs.

Year of mercury 18hp outboard ser5955388?

A 18hp Mercury outboard, serial number 5955388 is a 1982 year model.