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B. 5 to 10 percent

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Q: Approximately what percentage of a cell's genes are being used at any one time a. 1 to 2 percent b. 5 to 10 percent c. 25 to 50 percent. d. 70 to 80 percent e. 90 to 99 percen?
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How do you find a preCENTage of a number?

To get a percentage, you need two numbers. e.g. a is equal to x percent of b. A percentage is nothing more than the ratio of two numbers multiplied by one hundred. a then is 100a/b percent of b. For example: 23 people took a test, and seven of them failed. What percentage of the people failed? The answer being 7 * 100 / 23, or approximately 30.434782 percent.

What is the percent of someone being a detective?

there is no particular percentage

Does the land being moved contain approximately 60 percent water?


What percentage does Simply wearing a lap-and-shoulder belt combination can cut your chance of being killed by?

50 percent

In Excel What is percent style?

Percent style or percent formatting changes the number show to a percentage style. It is one of the number formats available in Excel. Any number you type in will be taken as its percentage format, with the % sign being put in automatically.

What is percent style in Excel?

Percent style or percent formatting changes the number show to a percentage style. It is one of the number formats available in Excel. Any number you type in will be taken as its percentage format, with the % sign being put in automatically.

How many kids percentage commit suicide because of being bulled?

10 percent will commit suicide as a result to being bullied

How do you find the percentage of a circle?

This question is unanswerable because it is not specified what is that is being taken as a percent of a circle.

Microsoft has attributed approximately what percentage range of their support calls as being related to bad drivers?


What do 80 percent of women and 55 percent of men do in the bathroom?

67.5% of what humanity does in the bathroom - or about 66.9% if you account for the ration of men to women in the world being approximately 1.1.

What is the percentage of kids being bullied?

Statistics say that nearly 80 percent of students report being bullied at least once in their scholastic career. Nearly 20 percent of students report being bullied multiple times per month.

What percentage of the world's population are men?

There are approximately seven billion people that live on planet Earth. Males out number females by a slight percentage with 50.24% of the world's population being male.

What percentage of japan can be farmed?

About 12.7 percent of the land of Japan is being used for farming. That amounts to about 46,280 square kilometers. About 20 percent of Japan is actually arable.

What percentage of energy comes from non-renewable sources?

Via my super - Wikipedia lists this as being 84 percent.

What is 73.6percentile percentage?

Percentile is not exactly percentage. 73.6 percentile means that, compared to some set, your score (height, intelligence, weight, etc. - whatever you are talking about) is at the 73.6 percent level - 73.6 percent of the population that is being considered has a lower score.

What is the percent of the sky being covered by clouds on April 21 2011?

The cloud type is partly cloudy so what could the percentage be?

A white flowered plant is crossed with a plant that is heterozygous for the trait what percentage of the offspring will have purple flowers?

50% percent chance of being a purple flower.

Is there a difference percent error and percentage error?

The difference: -age(hey, it's not wrong...)In general, probably not - percent and percentage are often used interchangeably. The context of use may warrant a difference though, if strict semantics are being followed:"Percent error" would refer to the the maximum potential difference between what a value could be, and what that value is stated to be. "Percentage error", in such a scenario, would refer to an erroneous percentage (as in, the percentage itself is incorrect).

What percentage of the world's population is uneducated?

Unbelievably, the percentage of the world's population being uneducated, is 46 percent. *Considering that most of the world's population is still involved in farming and other subsistence activities, in villages or smaller social units, the figure of 46 percent is not credible.

What is the predominant type of fatty acid found in olive or cannola oil?

Olive oil contains approximately 77 percent monounsaturated, 9 percent polyunsaturated and 9 percent saturated fatty acids, and being mostly monounsaturated, it is classified as a monounsaturated oil.

What is a percentage?

A percentage means "for every one hundred". So if you get a hit 27 times for every 100 times you are at bat, your percentage and Batting Average is .270, which represents 27 percent.Percentages are actually fractions with a denominator of 100, hence the percentage sign:% looks a bit like 2 zeros. It is a part of something, with 0% being none of something, and 100% being all of it (e.g. n% of a pizza, n% of your life, even n% of a number).A percentage is something out of 100. Like 50% is 50/100 or 1/2.A percent is a number expressed with a % sign that represents a fraction with a denominator of 100 (which is the same as a decimal in which the decimal point is moved two places to the left).Examples:45% = 45/10045% = 0.4587% = 87/10087% = 0.87Many people use percent and percentage interchangeably. However, sometimes they are differentiated by percent meaning "per 100" and percentage meaning the actual quantity (i.e., the percent multiplied by the number of which a percent is being taken).Example:2% of 500 = 10; 2 is the percent and 10 is the percentage10% of 30 = 3; 10 is the percent and 3 is the percentageExample of use in a sentence:What is the percent of people who ordered the pepperoni pizza? 65%What is the percentage of people who ordered the pepperoni pizza? 961There is also a suggested difference in use in rules of grammar. Percent must be used with a number, but percentage is used when there is not a number.Example:He wasted 30 percent of the food when he forgot to put it in the refrigerator.He wasted a significant percentage of the food when he forgot to put it in the refrigerator.

What percentage of kids like field trips?

98% the other 2 percent are afraid people will make fun of them for not being able to pay for it

What percentage of the world is malnourished?

There population of the world that is considered to be malnourished is about 33 percent. Being malnourished is your body not getting enough nutrients that it needs.

What is 0.66666667 with out being in fraction form or percent?

The ratio of 66666667 to 100000000 is one possible way of expressing it other than as a fraction or percentage.

28 divided by 53 is what percentage?

52.83 percent, or 52.8 percent, or 53 percent. 28 is 53 percent of 53. Since the numbers in the question are given as significant to 2 places, I would favor rounding the answer to 53 percent. We are often tempted to show numbers as being significant to more digits than we can justify.