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Ar code for completeing Sinnoh dex in platinum?

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I don't know if there is a code. But you can complete de Dex by seeing all Pokemon in platinum. All Sinnoh-dex Pokemon can be found ingame.?

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What is the 46th Pokemon in the Sinnoh dex?

Diamond and Pearl Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam Platinum Sinnoh Dex: 46# Wormadam

What Pokemon is 120 in Platinum's Sinnoh Dex?

pelipper is the 120th Pokemon in the platinum sinnoh dex.

How do you get the national dex in Pokemon Platinum?

see all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

What is Pokemon 174 on platinum?

in sinnoh dex it is togetic but in national dex it is igglybuff

Which Pokemon is number 203 in the Sinnoh pokedex for Pokemon Platinum?

Swinub is #203 in the Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Platinum.

Is entaei in Pokemon platinum?

no he isn't in sinnoh dex

What is a national dex in Pokemon Diamond?

It stands for National PokeDex, and it's the upgraded version of the Sinnoh Pokedex. You get it from the PokeMon Professor (that gave you your starter Pokemon) after completeing the Sinnoh Dex, and beating the Elite 4.

What is the Pokemon number 192 in platinum?

In the sinnoh dex: porygon In the national dex: sunflora

How many Pokemon are der in platinum?

There are 210 in the sinnoh dex and 490 in the national dex

How do you get your national dex on Pokemon platinum?

go and see all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

What is Pokemon number 64 at on platinum?

In the Sinnoh dex: Ambipom. In the national dex: Kadabra

Which Pokemon is number 152 in the Sinnoh pokedex for Pokemon platinum?

Pokémon Number 152 in the Sinnoh Dex in Platinum is Rotom.

How do you get the national dex on platinum?

you see al the Pokemon in sinnoh

What Pokemon is number 108 in Pokemon Platinum?

spiritomb in the sinnoh dex lickitung in the national dex

What is pokedex number 80 in Pokemon platinum?

if its the sinnoh dex its barboach and if its the national dex its slowbro.

What is pokedex number 114 in Pokemon platinum?

Sinnoh Dex: Unown National Dex: Tangela

What Pokemon is number 174 on Pokemon Platinum?

National Dex: Igglybuff Sinnoh Dex: Togetic

What Pokemon is number 22 in Pokemon Platinum?

Cranidos in the Sinnoh Dex, Fearow in the National Dex

Pokemon platiun what is Pokemon 151?

In Pokemon Platinum Version, there are two Pokedex'es, the Sinnoh Dex, and the National Dex. In the Sinnoh Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Manaphy. In the National Dex, the 151 Pokemon is Mew.

How many Pokemon are in the Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon Platinum?

There are 210 Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex in Pokémon Platinum.

How do you go into pal park in Pokemon platinum?

complete the sinnoh dex and there

What is Pokemon 152 in platinum?

pokemon 152 is rotom in the sinnoh specific dex but chickorita in the national dex.

What Pokemon is 96 in Pokemon Platinum?

Sinnoh Dex for 96: Happiny Kanto Dex for 96: Drowzee

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