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Ar code for mystic ticket on Pokemon platinum?


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The mystic ticket only existed of fire red leaf green and emerald. Basically it is unobtainable in Pokemon pearl diamond and Platinum

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You can get the Mystic and Aurora Ticket from a special Nintendo/Pokemon event Or u can get them from using gameshark codes: 0E12F25C BC489609 141BB87C 83D7018F 7A063220 5D82DF58 [this is the master code][it shuld be on at all times when buying the mystic ticket] [Mystic Ticket] 88CFA129 357400B2 2782EFCA 4EED1397

this action replay code let you buy eon ticket and mystic ticket at a Pokemon mart. cff34abfb51248a9f7e323e217a5cca3c2d1840a9f6b65c1 and the action replay code for old sea map and aurora ticket is cff34abfb51248a98f575f429fecd9741584dfb442758518. Use one code at a time. For example: use the eon and mystic ticket code first. Then, when you have bought the tickets turn the code off and use the old sea map and aurora ticket code.

i wanna get mystic ticket coz i a cool Cid

Master code: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 Replaces item in PC slot 1 with Mystic Ticket: 1901DDD1 AAD31EAD

There is no such code for pokemon platinum

yea u have to get the mystic ticket. u can use a action replay to type in a code to get the ticket, it is be39b3a8280987e1 u should get the ticket . the ticket takes u to a island were u can get ho-oh and lugia

u can use the gameshark or you could have participated in the mystery gift event i can use the gameshark then what is the code?

I don't think so but you have to get either the mystic or aurora ticket to meet Deoxys...

what is the code for 999 masterballs for pokemon platinum?

Its mystic Ticket and yes i do... But why would i give it to you

No, there is no other way except to use a GameShark or an Action Replay to get those items. Various of sites offer codes for each ticket and should tell you how to activate the code. The Mystic Ticket and the Aurora Ticket cannot be obtained during normal gameplay.

You must get mystic ticket by Nintendo event

You need to have a Mystic Ticket, which will allow you to sail to Navel Rock... But to obtain a Mystic Ticket, you need to attend a Nintendo Event which isn't present these days... You can still trade one from someone who attended the event... But if you don't know someone who got a Mystic Ticket, then the only choice left is using a cheat code... Search the net for both Mystic Ticket Item and Navel Rock Enabler (eg. search Mystic Ticket and Navel Rock Enabler Cheat Code)... Once you get into the Navel Rock, you can obtain an item called Sacred Rock and you can also capture level 70 Ho-Oh and Lugia.

well there is a code. I only got it for Pokemon platinum

What is the Pokemon 900 medicine code for action replay to Pokemon platinum

Your friend code backward. There is no action replay code for Zoara in Pokemon Platinum.

You cannot get the Mystic Ticket during normal gameplay, for it was a Mystery Gift/Event item. You would need to use an Action Replay or a GameShark with the correct code to get this item.

Pokemon Modifier Is The MUST Be On Code.

Believe it Or not, the Mystic Ticket is only distributed at a special event, unless If you had a cheating device like an Action Replay. That way, you can just google up the Code that gets you the Mystic Ticket for that certain cheating device. If that doesn't work, then there are always emulators that you can use.

No, there is no data of Pokemon black or white in Pokemon platinum so it won't know about any of the pokemon.

You don't get A Pokemon modifier, it's an action replay code. Just Google "pokeomn modifier for platinum" for the code.

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