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Q: Are there any tv shows with triplets in them as main characters?
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What is the most common hair color in anime shows for the main characters to have?

For male is Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. But for female well any.

Who are the main characters in the book any small goodness?

There are only a few main characters in the book, "Any Small Goodness." These characters are Papi, Arturo, and Abuelita.

What is a subordinate character?

A subordinate character is any character who is not one of the main characters. So, for instance, in Romeo and Juliet... Romeo and Juliet are the main characters, but there are a lot of subordinate characters who influence them. The same thing goes in movies or TV shows. For instance, CSI... the CSI team are all main characters, and the subordinate characters are the people they interview, the cops they work with... all the "less important" people that they interact with on the show.

Which state has the most triplets?

Nebraska has the most triplets born in it than any other state

Dose any of the main characters die in resident evil games?

Only if you get killed while playing the game. But no. The main characters do not die.

Mention any three characters in any play?

The three main characters in the Merchant of Venice play are Antonio, Bassanio and Portia of Belmont.

How many sets of triplets does Michelle Duggar have?

Michelle Duggar does not have any sets of triplets, but she does have two sets of twins.

Who is the main character of bionicle?

Depending on the series, there may be a different main character. You can, collectively, say that the Toas are probably the main characters in any series though. For the original series, Tahu and the Makuta were main characters.

Do any of the triplets from daisy of love have a Facebook?


Who are the main characters of Camp Confidential RSVP?

I don't think there's any main characters. But i think it's the same girls from bunk 3C - Natalie, Chelsea , Alex , and Brynn . There aren't really any main characters because there are problems with some of the girls and in the book it switches from girl to girl.

Are dan from bakugan and ash from Pokemon brothers?

No, they are not. If there are two characters from two different shows that are unrelated, the characters cannot be siblings or relatives in any way.

Who are the main Pixar characters?

The main Pixar characters arethe main characters of any Pixar film. Get a pixar film and watch it. Boom! You have just met some of the main characters of a Pixar Film! Some Pixar films are:Toy Story (1, 2, and 3)Finding NemoThe IncrediblesWALL-EUpCars (1 and 2)and many more

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