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Are 1990 Chevy Cheyenne and a 1990 silverado the same?


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In essence, yes. They are a trim level. So it's the same truck with different trim level packages.

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A Chevy Cheyenne and Silverado are the same its just that they changed the name in Mexico from Silverado to Cheyenne

most 88-98 Chevy pickups are basically the same. the only difference between yhe cheyenne and silverado is the trim.

Yes it can.... Also a 1999 & a 2000 chevy cheyenne will fit to.... One more thing a 99 & 2000 2500HD are the same and will fit to...

Yes, From 88 to early month of 99 will interchange.

yes, as long as it has the same box syle body like an 84 silverado would have.

it all depends on the body style whether its the same or not

Yes as long as your variables are the same as in same engine, transmission, 2 or 4 wheel, etc.

Yes it will. Those 2 engines are the same. That would be a direct swop.

they would be the same if both vehicles have same differentials . note that front and rear diffs on 4x4, must be matching ratio, to work properly when in 4x4

The model is different, but the vehicles function the same.

Will someone please answer this? I have the same question.

Yes as long as the 1999 is not a classic model.

YES as long as they ae the same size engines.

yes, Chevy truck brackets are the same from 1988-1995

YES, They sure are and will interchange with NO problems. Direct bolt in.

It should, but the upper bumper pad on the 2500 may be thicker, they both bolt on the same way though, measure the height.

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