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Yes and no, it depends on where you are. Rocky rivers and harsh conditions, NO. Calm rivers and most lakes, YES.

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Q: Are 8 foot inflatable kayaks good on rivers?
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Where are the cheapest inflatable kayaks?

You can find it from your local boat shops or outdoor sports. You can also check online dealers and stores for cheaper inflatable kayaks. You can score these kayaks for half its original price. It depends on the brands and materials that the kayaks are made from.

Is a hard shell kayak better than an inflatable?

If you are kayaking in the olympic games, or doing some serious white water, you will probably need a hard shell kayak, because inflatable kayaks have been designed mostly for recreational kayakers, not professionals.Otherwise, Inflatable kayaks have some pretty major advantages over hard shell kayaks, as long as you buy a good quality one, not a cheap one:They are easy to carry because they pack up into a bag and are reasonably light weightThey are easy to transport because they can go inside a car, they don't need a big truck or roof racksThey are generally cheaper than hard shell kayaksThey don't take up as much storage space when not in useThey are unbelievably comfortable, because you are effectively sitting on a giant inflatable cushionIf you buy a good quality brand, such as Advanced Elements, they are just as durable as a hard shellI have been using the Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak for years and it is great - it goes straight as an arrow and it's very fast. I love it!

Is it possible to buy a kayak in Ketchikan Alaska?

Yes, Ketchikan has Wal-mart, which sell cheap, plastic kayaks in that time of the year. Also, Ketchikan has a store called Tongass Marine & Outdoors and they also sell Kayaks for a more exspensive price but its much better. I would either recommend that you order them online however for you can have a better selection. Also, I know Tongass Marine and Outdoor sells inflatable kayaks. They work just as good as the real ones! And easy to transport too :) Also you can just rent them from the Rec Center.

Are whitewater kayaks good quality?

it depends on what kind your byeing

What is a good resource for Used Kayaks ?

Ebay is probably your best resource online for finding and purchasing a used kayak. There are hundreds of listings on eBay for kayaks and so you can get the best price possible and be able to search a large collection of kayaks to find the perfect one for you.

Where can you purchase an inflatable sofa?

There are several retail and web outlets where you can purchase an inflatable sofa. A few places with good deals are Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock are a few good choices.

Yes what are best kayaks for begginners?

It depends what type of kayaking you would like to do. If you would like to get into river kayaking I would suggest Jackson Kayaks and the Fun Series as a good entry level boat.

Why are kayaks good fro water resistance?

It is made of light materials and it is slim so there is less water resistance.

What is a fair price for a 1994 Avon S 340 Inflatable Boat with a 7.5 HP motor. Both in good-very good condition.?

what is a fair asking price for a 1994 AVon S 340 Inflatable boat with a 7.5 HP motor both in good-very good condition?

Where can one find an inflatable Santa?

Inflatable Santas can be difficult to find outside the holiday season. During the holidays most large department stores will carry some form of inflatable Santa. Amazon, eBay and Planet Christmas are all very good sources the rest of the year.

What may not be good for rivers?

Phosphates are bad for rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Where can I buy inflatable toys for kids?

You can purchase inflatable toys for kids at many stores. A few of these include Toys 'R Us, Target, KB Toys, and