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Are American Crocodiles endangered?

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Are asian crocodiles endangered?

Yes Asian Crocodiles are endangered.

Which crocodile is endangered?

their are lots of crocodiles endangered their are salt water crocodiles, crocodiles the crocodiles in india,alligaters and also caimans

How do you save endangered American crocodiles?

Stop polluting, hunting, and removing their habitats

How are American crocodiles endangered?

The American crocodile is listed as vulnerable, not endangered by the IUCN. The species is common in Central and South America, but the US population is less than 2000.

Are nile crocodiles endangered?


Is the golden crocodile endangered?

I assume that you're referring to the Golden Crocodiles at Shark Reef Aquarium? In case, they are not endangered. Those crocs are actually hybrids of Saltwater Crocodiles and Siamese Crocodiles. The Siamese Crocodile is endangered.

Are crocodiles endangered?

Many are, but some are not endangered. Some species of crocodiles are endangered or threatened. The Chinese Alligator, for example, is considered a "critically endangered species." The American Crocodile is "threatened" in some areas of its habitat. Only within the last couple years was it taken off the endangered species list in the United States.noMany are, but some are not endangered.the nile croc yes

Are mugger crocodiles endangered?


Why are saltwater crocodiles endangered?

The salt water crocodile is not an endangered species.

Why are American crocodiles are an endangered?

Much of their habitat has been lost to human usage, and they are still constantly hunted by poachers. Not to mention the sea level rise could increase salinity levels and kill baby american crocodiles

Do American crocodiles nest?

American crocodiles do nest

Endangered species in Amazon?

the aligators and crocodiles

Are dwarf crocodiles endangered animals?

they are vunerable.

Why are crocodiles endangered animals?

People hunt for them

What eats american crocodiles?

American crocodiles have been known to eat other American crocodiles on occasions. Other than that, crocodiles almost has no predators except for humans.

How long have crocodiles been endangered?

41 years.

Are saltwater crocodiles extinct?

Yes they are becoming endangered.

Why are the crocodiles from Okavango endangered?

people keep killin them

Why are crocodiles endangered?

because of destruction of their habitatAll crocodiles are not endangered. The American crocodile is endangered only in the U.S. part of its range, and numbers are increasing here. But in other parts of its tropical range, it is doing well. The orinoco crocodile of South America is a threatened species, as is the gavial of India. The African dwarf crocodile is in trouble, as is the Chinese alligator.

Are crocodiles endangered species?

yes they are considered endangered everywhere except Florida, where they are considered threatened

What are the American Crocodile's predators?

Jaguars prey on female american crocodiles and the small male american crocodiles. Large male american crocodiles would be safe from jaguars and have no predators.

Why are African Slender Snouted Crocodiles Endangered?

loss of habitat

What is the status of a crocodile?

Crocodiles are currently non-endangered species.

Are crocodiles endangered or extinct?

yes to many people kill them

What are some endangered species in wetlands?

alligators , crocodiles , and etc.

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