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There are around 800 American crocodiles in the swamps of south Florida along the mangrove coast.

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Q: About How many crocodiles live in the US?
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How many crocodiles live in Scotland?

Just two.

Where do crocdiles live?

Unlike alligators, who usually live near fresh water, crocodiles usually live near salty water. Crocodiles live in many different places around the world! There are crocodiles in lots of countries such as Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, and more. There are also crocodiles in Australia, and in parts of South America like Venezuela.

Do crocodiles live in swamps?

Crocodiles not only live in swamps, the also live in riparian areas near rivers. Crocodiles hunt and live in areas that a predominantly water.

Do crocodiles live in Antarctica?

Antarctica is a polar continent and crocodiles are tropical aquatic reptiles, so no, crocodiles do not 'live in Antarctica'.

What biome do crocodiles live in?

crocodiles live IN NO OCEAN,the salt stops their breathing and at one point entirely suffocates them,there are some croc's that live in salt water,but its not concentrated like the ocean,so the answer is no crocodiles live in the ocean

Do some crocodiles live in the savannah?

Yes, there are some crocodiles that live in the savannah.Nile Crocodiles live in the African savannah.West African Dwarf Crocodiles also live in the African savannahClick here for further reading on reptiles in the African savannah.

How many different kinds of crocodiles live in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria do not live crocodiles, except in the zoos

Where does a crockidile live?

Crocodiles live all over the world but mostly America, Africa and Australia. they live in waters or swamps which surround lots of trees and lots of wildlife and many animals for the crocodiles do eat and have a feast on!

Why are crocodiles enemies with man?

Crocs are killed by us for their skin and flesh. In return, crocodiles kill many people each year.

How many people do crocodiles kill in the US?

Depends on what the total is.

Do nile crocodiles live in the ocean?

I think crocodiles don't live in Seas or Oceans because it's too salty in that place unlike in lakes or in rivers where mostly crocodiles live.

Do crocodiles live in swamps or salt waters?

There are different kinds of crocodiles. They all live in different environments.