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Usally many people say that yeti live on snowy mountains but it 's not real

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โˆ™ 2012-04-06 00:30:16
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Q: Are Antarctic Yeti like creatures real?
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What colors can a yeti be?

none because yetis arent real there mytical creatures.

Is a yeti is a real animal?

No. its not the yeti is a human-like creature it kills

Is a yeti real?

A Yeti is real. I know this because I am a yeti watcher.

Are the yeti and the bigfoot real creatures?

Most people don't believe they are real, or at least are exceedingly skeptical. There is no evidence that has not later been shown to be bogus.

Is Bigfoot and yeti are real?

Yes, they are real, there have been reported citings of bigfoot and yeti

What are the legendary creatures?

Creatures who some people think arnt real...and have legends in there past.........imagination is more importent than knowlageSome creatures of legend are, Vampires, werewolves, dragons, bigfoot, sea serpents,Nessie, yeti, kraken..

Is a yetti real?

No one really knows. A yeti or Bigfoot might be real but it may be a myth. Many people say they have seen a creature that we believe looks like it. Many people have faked things on the yeti; like getting a costume and dressing up as one or killing a bear or other animal that looks like the yeti and cutting it apart and saying they killed a yeti. They never have proved that the yeti was fake or real. But maybe they will in the future. It's gotta happen sooner or later.

Bigfoot and yeti ect are real?

they are real

Is the yeti not real?


Is the yeti real?

There is no evidence to suggest the Yeti is real. It is generally regarded the same way a sasquatch or bigfoot

Is Yeti real?

No one has proven it to be true, but no one can prove there isn't a yeti.But I'm sure he is real.

How do you prove the yeti is real in poptropica?

it isn't real...............

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