Are Anthony Santos and romeo Santos related?

Updated: 8/18/2022
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yes Anthony Santos is romeos dad

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Q: Are Anthony Santos and romeo Santos related?
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Are Anthony Romeo Santos and Anthony Santos related?

im not sure but i think that anthoy Santos is romeo Santos dad.

Where does Anthony Santos live?

Anthony Santos is not Romeo Santos' dad!

What is the name of the father of Anthony romeo Santos?

Anthony Santos is his dad

What does Anthony Romeo Santos eat for lunch?

He doesnt have to eat lunch. He is Anthony romeo Santos

Is romeo Santos Anthony Santos dad?

yup :)

Is romeo Santos and henRY Santos related?

Henry santos is Romeo santos cousin

Does Anthony Romeo Santos have a girl friend?


Cual es el nombre del papa de Anthony romeo Santos?

Anthony santos

What is the Educational background on Anthony Romeo Santos?


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Where in ny does Anthony romeo Santos live?


How much does anthony romeo santos makes?

The amount of money Anthony Romeo Santos makes per performance varies. His estimated net worth is $15.5 million.