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Yes, they are. They have been dating since 2003.

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Q: Are Ashanti and Nelly a couple?
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Did Nelly marry Ashanti?

Nelly did not marry Ashanti. Nelly and Ashanti were a couple for a period of time, but they broke up and have moved on to other people.

Is Nelly still going with Ashanti?

Yes Nelly and Ashanti are still together. They makes a beautiful couple.

Are Ashanti and Nelly married?

Ashanti is an American singer. Nelly is an American rapper/singer. Thought the two dated for 9 years, they never married.

Are Nelly and Ashanti married?

ashanti and nelly is not married

Is Ashanti married to Nelly?

well Ashanti is married to Nelly

Does Nelly have a crush on Kelly Rowland?

no he dates Ashanti and Ashanti only they're a cute couple him and kelly are just friends

How many kids does Ashanti and Nelly have?

Nelly and Ashanti have one kid

Is Ashanti and Nelly married yet?

Ashanti and Nelly are not married but just dating

Do rapper Nelly and Ashanti in a relationship?

I don't think Nelly and Ashanti in a relationship

Is Nelly and Ashanti enaged?

is Nelly and Ashanti enaged

Why did Nelly and Ashanti breakup?

Ashanti and Nelly didnt break up they dating she said they only daiting

Was the song good good by Ashanti about Nelly?

Yes it was. Ashanti and Nelly are in a relationship together. At the end of the song they kiss

Who is Nelly girlfriend?


Who do Nelly go with?


Was Ashanti pregnant for Nelly?


Who is Ashanti husband?


How old is Nelly and Ashanti baby boy?

Ashanti and Nelly do NOT have a child. get it right you don't know anything.

Did Nelly cheat on Ashanti?

There is no official statements from either Nelly or Ashanti to whether anyone cheated in their relationship. It was rumored that she was the one that cheated.

Do Ashanti love Nelly?

yes and i think Nelly loves her too

Is Ashanti and Nelly married?


Does Nelly have a wife?

he is dating Ashanti

Who is Ashanti dating now?


Do Ashanti and Nelly have a little boy?

no they do not

Did Ashanti has a kid?

2 by nelly

Does Nelly and Ashanti have children?