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No. You need a deck purchased from a magic shop. Real Bycicle cards are not marked.

Ignore that guy.

Bicycle cards are most likely the best for card flourishes and most tricks. They are easy to mark without arousing suspicion, and usually have the famous UV-500 AirFlow finish. This provides maximum performance in flourishes such as the cascade, ribbon spread and thumb fan.

You will find non-bicycle cards are great for fanning too. BUT, they are ruined fast, they start to stick, crimp etc.

Bicycle lasts very long! Especially when you buy the master edition. it lasts 7 times longer than the original bicycle and more than 20 times longer than ordinary cards.

Yeah I have a bicycle stripper deck and that's good for tricks like finding the persons card but regular bicycle cards are good for other tricks like looking for a key card depends on the trick.

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Q: Are Bicycle playing cards the best for magic?
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Probably the standard bicycle playing cards, they are cheap and are very good. but if you want to go for something a little more expensive, go for black tiger or white ghost

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