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Who invented the bicycle?

  1. Bicycle means, it should have wheels and a bicycle is nothing without a wheel. It is hotly debated but historians generally agree it originated in Mesopotamia in around 3,500 BC.

  2. First bike saying from Chinese, year 500 BC, inventor/developer Lu Ban and his findings are yet to be verified.

  3. For some time now there has been a debate that Giacomo Caprotti (a student of Leonardo da Vinci) might have made a sketch of a bicycle-like device back in 1534. The authenticity of this evidence has been suggested as a fake by many prominent historians but yet others attest to its validity.

  4. The Celerifere was an early proto-bike, year 1790, inventor/developer Comte Mede de Sivrac. It was said to have lacked any steering, had no pedals but did ostensibly resemble the technology that would later become known as the bicycle. The Celerifere, according to stories, had four wheels (though some have suggested just two) and a seat and was powered by the rider using their feet to walk or run to push off and then glide for a short distance.

  5. The Laufmaschine (Draisienne) comes to the rescue, sort of. Year: 1817, Barn Karl von Drais. The Laufmaschine (Draisienne in French), aka the "Running Machine" or "Hobby Horse", was invented by Baron Karl Von Drais - a German inventor. Although it might be unrecognizable as a bicycle when compared to modern examples, it did consist of a frame with two wheels. The "Running Machine" was propelled by the operator effectively walking whilst seated. This allowed for a sort of 'gliding' walking or running experience. The front wheel assembly also had a handlebar that was hinged to allow for a small amount of steering. Several manufacturers in France and England made their own versions during its brief popularity in the summer of 1819.

  6. The first mechanically propelled bikes might have been Scottish, Year: 1839/1869, Inventor/Developer: Kirkpatrick MacMillan/Thomas McCall.

Vehicles for human transport that have two wheels and require balancing by the rider date back to the early 19th century. The first means of transport making use of two wheels arranged consecutively, and thus the archetype of the bicycle was the German draisine dating back to 1817. The term bicycle was coined in France in the 1860s, and the descriptive title "penny farthing", used to describe an "Ordinary Bicycle", is a 19th-century term.

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Did bicycle manufactures built a frame weighing less than one kilogram true or false?

Yes, there are frames that weigh less than a kilo. Not much point in them though. Racing rules require a certain weight, and the're too brittle for everyday use.


How far is a 5 k race?

A 5K race is 5K long.

That is 5 kilometers (kilometres), also written as 5KM or 5000m.

Approximately 3.4 miles.


How do you learn to ride a bicycle?


Start by finding a bicycle where the saddle can be lowered enough so that you can reach the ground with both feet while seated.

Make sure there's a working hand brake.

Pull the pedals off. Remember that the left pedal has a reverse thread. It comes off clockwise.

Find somewhere flat, and out of the way. A gentle slope will work too.

Straddle the bike, and walk/run/kick your way forward by pushing off against the ground with your feet.

Practice your balance by taking longer and longer strides.

When you are comfortable doing this, reinstall the pedals.

Find a gentle slope. A lawn is ideal.

Put one foot on a pedal, kick off with the other one.

Get the other foot in place and start pedalling.

Now you're riding.

When you're OK with this, raise the saddle.

When seated, your leg should be entirely straight if you put the heel on the pedal in its lowest position.

When riding, the pedal should be under the pad of your foot.

Study the Rules of The Road for cyclists.

Enjoy your new freedom.


Begin with two stabilizers, then one, then none.

how old are you? if you're a 5th grader abd below.. it wouldn't be bad if you start with trainer wheels :D
just keep trying and trying and trying until you get the hang of it that's how i did it.

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What is granny gear?

Granny gear is a term used for truck manual transmissions extremely low first gear.This type of transmission would be one that when driving normally around town you would start out in second gear.the very low gear reduction of the first gear would be used for low speed pulling or crawling where the extra torque is needed.

ANS 2 - Granny gear is also used in bicycles. On any bike with three chainrings, the smallest, innermost ring is often referred to as the"granny", or the bailout gear. Having to drop to the smallest chainring is often seen as the last resort before having to get off and push the bike, if the incline gets too steep for any of the "regular" gears.


How do you find the age of a Western Flyer bicycle using its serial number?

Try the cool NBHAA site, do a search for Sheldon Brown's website, or also the site.

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What is the volume of air in a bicycle tire?

The answer to that would differ a lot depending on what tire you're thinking about, and what the pressure is. Tires come in very different sizes, with very different volumes.


How old do you have to be to not have to wear a helmet?

The laws for helmets and bicycle riding are different from place to place, so w/o knowing where you are the question can't be properly answered.

Some places, you are free to choose when you're 15. Other places require all riders of all ages to wear helmets.

But ignoring the law, anyone who thinks their head is worth protecting should wear a helmet regardless of age.

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Who was the English BMX rider in the Olympics?

The male BMX rider in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing was Liam Phillips. He did not advance to the semifinals after placing 18th and 7th in his two quarterfinal races, placing him in 28th place.

The woman BMX rider, on the other hand, placed 8th overall. Shanaze Reade, unfortunately, crashed during the finals ruining her chances of a medal.


What is a bicycle dynamo used for?

To power bicycle lights w/o having to rely on batteries.
It can provide electric energy to a set of lights on your bike w/o relying on batteries.
It turns mechanical/kinetic energy from the bike's movement into electricity that can be used to power the bike's lights.
It provides electric energy to a set of lights on your bike w/o relying on batteries.


What does UST on bike tires mean?

It means that if you put that tire on the right kind of rim it can be used w/o an inner tube.


Where can you buy Bicycle Card Decks in Canada?

the pharmacy


What are the main differences between the penny farthing the safety bicycle and the modern bicycle?

The penny farthing had no gearing between the pedals and the front/drive wheel, so the front/drive wheel had to be made really big to get any speed out of the bike. Then the rider had to sit nearly straight above the wheel axle to be able to steer and pedal. This made the bike prone to toppling forward while braking.

The safety bike had a chain between the pedals and the rear/drive wheel. By having a bigger sprocket by the pedals and a smaller at the rear wheel you could get the bike up to speed while still retaining a more practical wheel size and placing the rider between the wheels rather than on top. This meant you cold break with much less risk of toppling forward, hence the name "safety bike".

The modern "utility" bike is in principal very similar to the safety bike. It is most likely lighter, has better brakes and the ability to freewheel; it might have any number of gears, but the basics still remain.

Today we have all manners of specialized bikes, full suspension MTBs, flimsy road bikes and everything in-between.


What is the center part of a wheel?

It's called a hub.

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What paint should you use to paint a bike chain?

Special paint for metal. Ask at the paint shop.

Ans 2 - You DON'T paint a bike chain if you wish it to work at max efficiency. Many chains are available with anodized coloured finishes.

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How do you remove bicycle pegs?

Use a socket wrench to unscrew the pegs then once they are off, put all the parts back the way you found them.

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Why does a bicycle wheel spin more freely if it is oiled regulary?

Oil is good for a short period, then it's not so good. Oil does two things that make it not appropriate for wheel bearings, it tends to run right out after being applied, and it attracts dirt. Dirt causes wear.

For wheels, waterproof grease would be the product of choice. Personally, I find Phil Wood grease to be the best.


How do you take apart a 3 piece crank on a 26 in mongoose bike?

You need a special tool called a crank puller. Then, depending on your bottom bracket you might need another special splined tool to get the BB spindle and bearings out.

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What polymers are used in bike tires?

Kevlar (Aromatic Polyamides) is used in tire reinforcement.

Polybutadiene (Butadiene Rubber, BR) is used for the carcass and side wall.

Natural rubber is a polymer, and they put polyurethane in tire rubber too. While aramids like kevlar are often used in car and motorcycle tires, nylon (less expensive and works fine) is used in bicycle tires.


How do you reattach a kids bicycle chain?

Loosen rear wheel axle nuts on both sides, slide wheel slightly forward. Set chain in place on chainwheel and sprocket. Slide wheel towards the back until chain is decently tight. Check wheel alignment, If OK, crank down on axle nuts. Check alignment again. If OK - Go ride.

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How many meters long is a bicycle?

Up to 1.85 metres (approx 6' 1") for an adult road bike


What are bicycle chains made from?

The overwhelming majority of bike chains are made of steel alloys, although a few are made of titanium.
Bike chain is made of tempered hardened steel.
Primarily steel. It's strong enough, wear resistant enough, cheap enough, and easy enough to machine and shape.


Are Pure Fix Cycles good fixed gear bicycles?

My boyfriend recently bought one of these for me. The company seems new but the product came exactly as advertised - Colorful, simple, design-centric, and affordable. I/he did a lot of research on cheap fixies and this company (based in los angeles) seemed the cheapest. So far, i love it and can confidently say, yes, it's a good fixed gear bicycle.

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How do you take a 360 giro of a bmx?

Just take off your stem and undo the brake wires that conect to the gyro on both sides, then just take off the brake handle off the bars, and your riding brakeless, sorry its not a very detailed explaination but its realy not that hard, goodluck.

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How do you tell what size bmx pedals you need?

1 piece cranks need the 1/2 inch pedals while 2-3 piece cranks use 9/16th.

Just to help the newbies out there. OPC or one piece cranks mean the arm that holds the pedal is just one piece of steel that goes from pedal to pedal through the bottom bracket (where the bearings ride). Those only use ½" size threads on the pedals.

3 piece cranks are identifiable as each arm is separate and bolted onto the spindle which is part of the bottom bracket. 3 piece refers to 2 arms + the bottom bracket. Only 9/16" (which are bigger than the ½") threads fit those arms.

Don't forget the left arm is backwards thread, so to loosen you turn it righty tighty. The right arm is normal so lefty loosy to remove.


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