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Ciara and Bow WowCiara and Bow Wow do not appear to be appeared.

Some opinions:

  • No, you don't see a ring on Ciara's finger.
  • N. Ciara & Bowwow are NOT MARRIED! They not even engaged it is just a friendship ring!
  • There is a ring on Ciara's wedding finger. And no Ciara isn't a man.
  • Some people say they are and some say they're not but the only ones that really know are Bow Wow and Ciara.
  • Bow Wow and Ciara are not married, not engaged, or have any kids or about to have any. They realize that they can love each other but they don't have to show it.
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Q: Are Bow Wow and Ciara married together?
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Is it true that bow wow cheated on ciara or did ciara cheat on bow wow?

Bow Wow cheated on Ciara with a stripper.

Are ciara and bow wow still together?

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Is Bow Wow dating Ciara?

Bow Wow dated R&B singer Ciara until early 2006. They are no longer together.

What happen to ciara and bow wow?

(This is a fact!) Bow Wow and Ciara broke up because Bow Wow was cheating on her with a stripper.

Did Bow Wow and Ciara have any children together?


How did Ciara and Bow Wow break up and why?

I think because bow wow was cheating on ciara

Do Bow Wow want Ciara back?

Hss bow wow does want ciara back

Who wrote the lyrics to the Ciara song Like You?

The song "Like You" was written by Ciara and Bow Wow. Ciara and Bow Wow also performs on this song together. One can watch the music video on YouTube.

Is Bow Wow and Ciara married?

No they aren' t, they are still engaged.

Was bow wow and ciara engaged?


Did bow wow kiss ciara?

yes, bow wow did kiss ciara they kiss so soft

Did Bow Wow break up with Ciara or did Ciara break up with him?

bow wow broke up with her

Was Bow Wow in a relationship with Ciara?

Yes, Ciara & Bow Wow began dating in 2005, but their relationship ended in April 2006 due to Bow Wow allegedly cheating on Ciara.

Who did bow wow cheated with?

bow wow cheated on ciara with a stripper

Why did Ciara and Bow Wow break up?

Ciara and Bow Wow broke up because Ciara caught him in the bed with a stripper when he was in Los Angeles.

Are Ciara and Bow Wow dating?

They are no longer together, but they remain good friends.

Does Bow Wow and Ciara have a baby?

i dont think so,No they didnt go out long Bow Wow or Ciara have no children !

Does bow wow still love ciara up to this day?

for sure,i think bow wow love ciara.bow wow was really in love with cici (Ciara).bow wow still love her till this they.

How did bow wow and ciara break up?

Bow Wow cheated on her with a stripper.

Is ciara taller than bow wow?

Yes, Ciara is taller than Bow Wow. Ciara is approximately 5 ft 10 inches in height. Bow Wow is approximately 5 ft 7 inches in height.

Are Ciara and Bow Wow engaged?

It is uncertain. There are different opinions: No * No Ciara and Bow Wow are not engaged according to * Bow wow and Ciara are not engaged it is just a friendship ring. He said it himself on the radio. * I don't think they are engaged because they just started going out and when the time comes if they want everyone to know their business then they will tell the media. * Rigt now, Bow Wow and Ciara can't be engaged because they broke up. Bow Wow was seen with another girl in Los Angelos. Yes * Ciara and Bow Wow are engaged. I read it on MTV.COM! They were interviewed. * He said all it takes is one girl to make him happy and he said Ciara might be the one. * Yes they're getting married, they look good together, I think they`ll make a good couple.

Are Bow Wow and Ciara going to get back together?

There have been rumors, but nothing official.

Who does bow wow like?


Does ciara like bow wow?


Was Ciara in a relationship with Bow Wow?


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