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Are Bow Wow and Ciara still in love with each other?


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no she hates him because he loves alysha


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for sure,i think bow wow love ciara.bow wow was really in love with cici (Ciara).bow wow still love her till this they.

yes they will still love each other for life

of course randy and lib are in love with each other

Brambleclaw and squirrelflight still love each other, the sorta make up later on.

you don't Why get over it? Get together..you both love each other.

Answer When you still care/love each other and look forward to seeing each other again. When both people are still communicating to each other that they care and/or love each other and cannot wait to see each other again then it is probably working.

Just because you live together does not mean you love each other. There are other things that you do for each other to prove your love. He probably does not love you.

no omarion has a girlfriend and ciara is single

My Love - Ciara song - was created in 2006.

She and InuYasha loved each other, and still do.

because they love each other

yes, but they still love each other.

It's confusing but we still love each other.

There is no person called Ciara in Shakespeare's play.

yes they still do love each other she still love nick Jonas she will never be over them .

They love each, as they are sisters, but they are not in love with each other

Yes, I think so. It´s really obvious that they have feelings for each other.

zac and vanessa are in love with each other and every other thing is over. they didnt separate because they still each other.

Yes they are meant to be and they are not over each other they are still in love They are soulmates. Miley is , was, and still is Nick's true love. And they are not over each other, they care about and still have feelings 4 each other. And one day they will get married, have kids, settle down, grow old and and have a beautiful family.

well it counts on the way you feel about him if you don't then he don't

ciara i love your hair and your stay p.s text back

they got into a fight.they stay away from each other for a while but they realize that they still love each other.yes they are together

They Are Seeing Each Other Secretly!lol

If she still looks at you the way you first met her. Anyway if you are still with her now she must love you. If you still have a good relationship together. If you still TALK to each other but i wouldn't worry if you love her that much she must still love you!

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