Are CIA analysts armed

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They sit in offices and work at desks, and those offices are inside fenced-in, guarded areas. They have no need to be armed, and aren't.

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Q: Are CIA analysts armed
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Are the CIA making a video game?

Yes the CIA are making a video game but it is only allowed for CIA use. The public will never get to play it. The CIA are using it to train analysts and agents. Also to use the mind of a terrorist so they know what to expect.

What can CIA Analysts know about classified information?

Yes, analysts with the CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ) examine classified information that can be from foreign governments. An example of this would be the notes and instruction manuals received by sources in Iran that give details about Iran's nuclear energy programs. It's possible that expert CIA analysts in the nuclear fusion area can make a determination if the work on nuclear programs can be used to create a nuclear weapon. This despite the fact that Iranian leaders may say publicly that their work can only be used for generating electricity.

Who has the president for chief officer?

Armed forces, FBI< CIA< NSA and Secret Service

What is the CIA standard issue handgun?

The CIA does not have a standard issue handgun. This is because most agents do not see combat. the firearms they do issue are issued on a basis of preference of the operator and geography (meaning they are issued for a specific purpose). No standard firearms.

When was Tax Analysts created?

Tax Analysts was created in 1970.

The bay of pigs was an offensive attack by?

The United States armed forces and CIA trained Cubans against Cuba in 1961. An attempt to overthrow Castro.

What is the hardest armed force in America?

Honestly? It would probably be the Special Activities Division of the CIA, rather than any actual military unit.

What part of speech is analysts?

The word analysts is a plural noun. The singular is analyst.

What is the term for people who explain or interpret what they observe?

Analysts is the term for people who explain or interpret what they observe. They may be qualitative analysts of purposes or quantitative analysts of measurements.

Can there be agents in the CIA?

The CIA is composed of agents. CIA agents!

What is the worlds largest spy agency?


What are the ranks for the CIA?

The CIA does not have ranks.

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