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Canada have gray wolves but it is also known as a timber wolf so technically they have both but they are the same animal.

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Timber wolf and gray wolf are names used interchangeably. They are the same animal.

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Q: Are Canadian gray wolves timber wolves?
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Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

Are gray wolves or timber wolves more popular in Canada?

Grey wolves and Timber Wolves are the same.

Why is a gray wolf called a timber wolf?

There are only three species of wolves: gray wolf, Ethiopian wolf, and red wolf. Timber wolves are only a subspecies of gray wolves.

Which is bigger timber wolves or gray wolves?

They are both the same kind of wolves, just two different names. The biggest wolves are the artic wolves (these are also gray and timber wolves, just with a different name). Artic wolves can weigh over 200 pounds.

Are a timber wolf and gray wolf the same size?

A Timber wolf and a Gray wolf are the same species, just with a different names. Timber wolves refer to a specific region, and Gray wolves is a more general term for all northern wolves. So it really depends which gray wolf you're looking at.

What type of wolves where immigrated to Idaho?

Canadian gray wolves

Are timberwolves and gray wolves the same animal?

The timber wolf is a race of the gray wolf.

What is the color of Timber Wolves?

timber they have many colors from brown to red to gray & even black

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same?

Yes, in fact, the timber wolf is another name for the grey wolves. (wolves are awesome)- uh, no they are most certianly not! Timber wolves are just a little bit um.. well.. awesomer, I guess!

What are timber wolves most likely to catch and eat?

Timber wolves, also called gray wolves, live in forests. They eat rabbits, deer, rats, ect.

What do Canadian timber wolves eat?

They eat deer, moose and elk

What is the color of timber and gray wolf's eyes?

The eye color of Timber and Gray wolves' eyes is green. This depends on the parents' genes though, but mostly green or a blackish brown.

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