What are timber wolves most likely to catch and eat?

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Timber wolves, also called gray wolves, live in forests. They eat rabbits, deer, rats, ect.

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Q: What are timber wolves most likely to catch and eat?
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Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same?

Yes, in fact, the timber wolf is another name for the grey wolves. (wolves are awesome)- uh, no they are most certianly not! Timber wolves are just a little bit um.. well.. awesomer, I guess!

Can timber huskey wolf eat fruit?

As scavengers, wolves may choose to eat certain fruits, but would most likely not be interested.

How does a male timber wolf attract female timber wolves for mating?

the alpha male is the wolf all the bitches want to mate with most of the other wolves don't mate

Where can wolves be sighted the most?

Probably in north america, as packs of wolves roam in the rockies and yellowstone. Grey wolves and timber both live thier.

Where are wolves most likely found?

they are most likely found in Canada

Can wolves fart?

I'm not positive, but wolves most likely can fart.

What kinds of breed are there of wolves?

There are the most commonly known ones, Grey wolves ,Arctic Wolves , Timber Wolves, and Ethiopian Wolves.

What type of wolve eats a caribou?

Gray wolves and their subspecies. The most common subspecies of gray wolf to eat a caribou is the arctic/tundra wolf. Timber wolves might also eat a heard, but timber wolves typically live a bit too far south of where most caribou live.

How are the wolves in danger?

The most dangerous thing to timber wolves currently is hunters in North America. Timber wolves have recently been removed from the list of protected species under American law, so can again be hunted legally for pelts or to protect livestock or increase numbers in prey populations such as deer. In the natural world there is little or no threat to timber wolves, but in other parts of the world such as Asia, wolves are threatened by hunters also, as there is no protection in place. In Europe there is protection for wolves, but there is poaching nevertheless. In some European countries wolves are considered a species that can be hunted, like game. However the most threatened wolf is currently the wolves in Northern America, being the timber or grey wolf. It is threatened by hunters or stock herders who think that killing wolves is the easiest and most effective option for reducing the threat of wolves to their livestock.

Do tundra wolves get their name from the tundra?

most likely

Is a timber wolf an omnivore?

Yes, wolves are omnivores though most of their diet consists of other animals,

What is the wolves most favorite treat Also, what do wolves do?

Hares, because they are easy to catch. And wolves howl, chase, growl, fight, make a pack, etc.

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