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Typically these deals are worth it for the Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line is not a cheap cruise line and any deal is worth it. It may take some time to find a deal on the right cruise however.

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Q: Are Caribbean cruise deals really worth it for Norwegian Cruise Line?
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What cruise lines are owned by norwegian?

Norwegian doesn't really own any cruise lines, that is if you want to include NCL America which is currently sailing just one ship, Pride of America. Norwegian is owned by Star Cruises - the world's third cruise operator. Star Cruises is the premier cruise line in Asia and also used to own Orient Lines in concert with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Is Caribbean cruise line a scam I got mail saying that I got free cruise Hey I really need to know I'm really nervous about it?

You have to ask yourself a few questions: - did you enter your name in a drawing for the cruise? - if so, was the giveaway legit? - a cruise line won't just send you a free cruise unless you actually saw a contest or sweepstakes on one of their sites or if someone was giving it away and you saw the actual sponsorship from that cruise line. The mail you got probably has a number to call and verify but I would suggest that you find out WHICH cruise line it will be on (i.e. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, etc.) and then go to the actual cruise line's website and contact them directly and tell them you have mail stating you won a cruise. If it's legitmate, there may be a promo code or something confirming that. I would think that's your best best. Good luck!

What do you think of Norwegian Cruise Line?

Norwegian Cruise Line is my favorite cruise line I think it's okay. of course the food is awesome and you dock in really cool places, but I got my foot cut there for some for some reason and their pool is almost like ocean water! I accidentally swallowed some and I was sick the next day!

What cruise deals does Royal Caribbean offer?

Royal Caribbean only offers really expensive cruise deals none of them vary in service except to certain parts of the ship and all of them will put the customer out several thousand.

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Where is the royal carribian?

It is a Norwegian and American cruise line, so it does not really have a location. But you can find out where it goes online. I cannot send the link, but it is very easy to find.

What cruise lines have the highest safety scores?

The Regent Seven Seas' cruise ship, Mariner, Voyager is the highest scoring cruise ship. They don't really have a safety chart for cruise ships but they say that cruise ships are getting safer and safer every year.

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