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Q: Are Chameleons Colored Blind
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Are chameleons color blind?


Are mice colour blind?

yes, a mouse is colored blind.

Why blind people have blue eyes?

Blind people can have any colored eyes.

Why are dogs colored blind?

Something in there eyes.

What dogs are colored blind?

Pits , and poodles

Are albinos blind?

Albinos are not blind. They lack the colored pigment that most people have, but their retina works the same as everyone else.

Do people with different colored eyes see things differently?

No they see the same thing as you. Unless their blind or color blind.

How do animals react to colored light?

they don't because they are color blind.

Can blind people have colored eyes?

yes they can i have a friend who i blind in one eye but their eyes usaly have color. but their pupils are blured out but not missing.

Which color do colored blind people read best?

Revision: Just because you are blind doesn't mean that you are illiterate. Blind people read braille. Another answer Probably a bold black color. Being colored blind you can still see, it just means you can't see certain colors. These people don't need to use braille

What Reptiles Are Color Blind?

Lizards and dogs.Another answerNo, dogs are not colored blind.

Is it normal for a cat to have multi colored eyes?

No. But it's nothing serious. Unless he is blind or can't see straight. To test if he is blind, snap your fingers really close to his eyes, if he doesn't blink he is blind.

Can a cat be blind?

Yes, any animal can be blind. Blindness is particularly common in mostly white colored breeds of cats (e.g. Siamese).

Are dogs eyes usually colored?

Dogs usaly have blue or brow eyes. Some have realy light-ish colored eyes when that are blind. Just like people.

What food do chameleons eat?

chameleons eat insects,and chameleons are insectivores

Are there any captive breeding of bearded pygmy chameleons in the US currently?

Fl Chams breeds and sells chameleons to anywhere in America. They sell and breed Panther Chameleons, Veiled Chameleons, Premium Veiled Chameleons, Translucent Veiled Chameleons, Jacksons Chameleons, Pygmy Chameleons, Carpet Chameleons, Other Chameleon Species. I know about them but I checked their site many times and they had wc only when available

What jobs can't color blind people do?

artist, somebody who sorts different colored things.

Are bunnys colored blind?

Yes. Rabbits are colorblind. Most animals are colorblind

What layer of the rainforest do chameleons live?

most of the chameleons live in the canopy Chameleons live below the canopy because that's where their prey is abundant. More Arid chameleons such as the Veiled Chameleons use medium trees as a home.

Are chameleons carnivorous?

yes chameleons are carnivorous but they will only eat other chameleons to survive

Are ladybugs colored blind?

Yes, ladybugs are essentially colorblind. They can primarily see only light and darkness.

Do chameleons noturnal?

Chameleons are NOT nocturnal.

Are chameleons territorial?

are chameleons territorial

How and what do chameleons poo?

chameleons reproduce

How are reptiles like chameleons?

Reptiles is a classification, whereas Chameleons are a species. Chameleons are a species of reptile.