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yes thay are, pocher kill and skin the bengal tiger just for their bones to make traditional asian medicines.

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Q: Are Chinese medicines made from Bengal tiger bones?
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What are all the tiger types names?

There are 8 tigers in the world and they are: Caspian Tiger, Indian or Bengal Tiger, Indo-Chinese or Corbett's Tiger, Siberian Tiger, South Chinese or Annoy Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Javan Tiger and Bali Tiger.

Who hunts a Bengal tiger?

humans hunt tigers for alternative medicines and their pelts

What are the 5 remaining tigers?

There is actually 6 breeds of tigers still in existence today: (Royal) Bengal Tiger Indochinese Tiger Malayan Tiger Sumatran Tiger Siberian Tiger South China Tiger There are 3 extinct breeds of tigers: Balinese Tiger Javan Tiger Caspian (Persian) Tiger

Why are Siberian tiger organs used in medicines?

Traditional Chinese medicine

Are there other tiger species besides the Bengal tiger?

No there is only one tiger species. But there are six subspecies. The known subspecies of tiger are Bengal Tigers, Sumatran Tigers, Siberian Tigers, the South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger and Indo-chinese Tiger.

What did the Chinese use tiger parts for?

natural medicines, rare knic-knaks

What are all of the types endangered tigers?

All tigers are endangered to varying degrees. The races are: Siberian, Bengal, Indo Chinese, south china and Sumatran breeds.

What differences are there between a Bengal tiger and a Bengal tiger cub?

Well Bengal tiger cubs are baby bengal tigers.

How is a Bengal tiger different from a normal tiger?

A Bengal tiger is a species of tiger, as is the Amur tiger.

What are the reasons of tiger becomming endanger?

Habitat loss, and poaching for outdated Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Why is the scientific name for a Bengal tiger panthers Tigris?

Bengal tiger- Panthera Tigris Tigris Siberian tiger- Panthera Tigris Altaica Indo Chinese tiger- Panthera Tigris Corbetti Sumatran tiger- Panthera Tigris Sumatrae Malayan tiger- Panthera Tigris Jacksoni South China tiger- Panthera Tigris Amoyensis

Sleep Bengal tiger?

what is the sleeping pattern of the bengal tiger?