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Are Chris Brown and Bow Wow friends?

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Did Chris Brown kiss bow wow?

No, Chris Brown did not kiss Bow Wow.

Is Bow Wow older than Chris Brown?

Bow Wow is older than Chris Brown. Bow Wow turns 22 in March and Chris Brown turns 20 in May of this year.

Is Chris Brown related to Bow Wow?

no they are not related theyre just friends

Is Chris Brown and bow-wow best friends?

there just real close friends

Did bow wow Chris Brown start fussing on a tour?

NO!! That was a rumor. Bow Wow and Chris Brown are close friends. They confirmed on 106&park that it was just a rumor. They never fought on tour.

Who is more richer Chris Brown or bow wow?

Bow Wow is richer.

Is Chris Brown older than bow wow?

no, bow wow is older

Did bow wow got mad when Chris Brown hit rihanna?

No, he didn't. Bow Wow supports Chris

Does Bow Wow smoke with Chris Brown?


Is BowWow or Chris Brown richer?

bow wow

Can bow wow do a backflip?

yes' he can and chris brown to

Did Bow Wow spit in Chris Brown's face?

no he didnt; Chris Brown and Bow Wow are like brothers. Bow Wow says he only trusts 5 people in the music industry and Chris is one of them.

Did bow wow and chris maurice brown kiss?

yes they did before and chris brown is by sexer

Why did Chris Brown kiss Bow Wow?


Who is better Chris Brown or Bow Wow?

It's a matter of opinion.

Did bow wow really beat up Rihanna?

that was chris brown..

Is chris brown and bow wow the same people?

No they are not the same people..

Does Chris Brown and Ciara really like each other?

no chris brown and ciara are just friends they do not have a relationship with each other. But ciara and Bow Wow use to date, but they broke up. :)

Who sings Shortie Like Mine?

Bow Wow ft. Chris Brown

How much more money does bow wow have than Chris Brown?

Bow wow has a lot of money for his music and chris brown is now not really doing anything but bow wow is working so i think that he has got a lot more money then chris brown however both the rappers are great at there job and it does not matter about how much they make its about them doing what they love and respect and who knows chris b might be makin more money then bow wow but lots of people thinhk about 100'000

Does omarion like Chris Brown?

Yes omarion does like chris brown and respacts his work. The two met through bow wow in 2006 according to omarions blog and they are close friends now.

Who are Bow Wow and Chris Brown dating?

they are'NT gay dummy he dates Rhianna

Is bow wow best friend with chris maurice brown?

== == They are definitely good friends. Bow Wow has mentioned in an MTV news article that he has let Chris stay at his place whenever he's in the area. They have worked together professional in quite a lot of projects such as tours and music recording. As for Bow Wow's "best friend", Omarion appears to have that "role".

What is Chris Brown 9th song off his 1st album?

Run It Remix ft Bow Wow

Why dont Chris Brown and Bow Wow like each other?

i am not 2 sure because i lov both of them and i heard some rummer's that may or may not be true! I heard that chris brown walked up to bow-wow's face and said i know you have anger problems and then bow-wow spit in chris brown's face! I hope this isn't true though!