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Who is the coolest person on WikiAnswers?

I think Chris Whitten, the creator of WikiAnswers, had a really great idea - why not name him the coolest WikiAnswers person?

What was the publisher of WikiAnswers last name?

The original person who started FAQ Farm, which later became WikiAnswers, was Chris Whitten. His last name is Whitten.

How old is the person who created WikiAnswers?

Chris Whitten was born in 1971.

How tall is the person who created WikiAnswers?

Chris Whitten is six feet tall.

What is the first and last name of the person who invented WikiAnswers?

Chris Whitten started FAQ Farm, which is now WikiAnswers.

Who was the first person to answer a question on WikiAnswers?

It had to be Chris Whitten, who was the founder of the site (FAQ Farm) before it became WikiAnswers. :)

How old is the person who made this website?

Chris Whitten, the founder of WikiAnswers, was born in the early 1970s.

Who is the oldest member ever on WikiAnswers?

the person who has been on the longest is Chris the creator of the website.

What is the name of the drummer and the guitar person?

drummer and guitarist

Who created WikiAnswers and why?

WikiAnswers was founded by Chris Whitten in 2002. Back then it was known as FAQ Farm, but after being taken over by it has found the name WikiAnswers.Our mission is to grow a collaborative answers resource. Everyone has knowledge or a passion to share, and everyone should have the chance to contribute that expertise to the world. On WikiAnswers, users can ask a question on any topic and get a cooperatively written, human-generated answer.this person called chris made the website and all the add- on's such as the reference answers .

Is a drummer a technique?

Drumming is a technique. A drummer is a person, employing technique. (At least we hope so.)

Why is Chris Whitten so dumb?

The intelligence of any person is a result of their genetics, upbringing, and education.

What is the name of the person that drums for Daughtry?

The current drummer is Robin Diaz. Former drummer is Joey Barnes.

Is the creator of the same person who created Wikipedia?

Not the SameThe creator of is not the same person who created Wikipedia. The creator of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales, who is not connected to

What is the name of the person who plays a drum?

a drummer or percussionist

What do you call a person who always follow the band?


Who was the drummer boy in the civil war?

It was a black person

Who is the creator of code geass?

The creator was Sunrise. But the person who wrote is Ichiro Okouchi.

Do you love me WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers isn't a person capable of feelings or emotions. In fact, it isn't a person at all. It is contributors that work on the WikiAnswers website that give the answers to asked questions and not someone named WikiAnswers. So the obvious answer to that question would be no, WikiAnswers can not and does not love you.

How can a person become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers?

A person can become an Expert contributor in Wikianswers by asking and answering a lot of questions.

What is a creator?

A creator is a person who creates things. The capitalized Creator is applied to God, the all-powerful omnipresent Christian deity.

Who was the creator the black codes?

a person

Who is WikiAnswers supported by?

some person

Who is the person who writes the answers for WikiAnswers?


Who are the oldest members on WikiAnswers?

The oldest person on Wikianswers I've seen was in his late 50s.