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No sheep is a carnivore. Sheep eat plants so they are herbivores.

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No, sheep are herbivores.

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Q: Are Dall Sheep carnivores
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Is a dall a goat or sheep?

A Dall is a sheep breed.

What do Dall sheep eat?

Dall Sheep eat herbs an grasses

What color are dall sheep?

Dall sheep are white in colour and generally do not have any markings.

Are dall sheep a predator or prey?

The Dall Sheep are not an endangered species. Dall sheep live among the subarctic mountain ranges. They can be found in Alaska, Yukon territory and British Columbia.

How does the dall sheep move?

It walks

Is a dall sheep a decomposer?


What has the author Jack Wilson written?

Jack Wilson has written: 'The quest for Dall sheep' -- subject(s): Dall sheep hunting, Anecdotes

What is a male dall sheep called?

A ram

How do dall sheep adapt to their atmosphere?

they dont

Do dall sheep live in taiga biomes?


What polar animals start with d?

Dall Sheep

What are he biotic and abiotic factors of a dall sheep?