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Earth is bigger. Earth is about twice the diameter of Mars and more than 6 times the volume.

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Q: Are Earth and Mars a similar size?
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Related questions

Which planet is similar size to earth?

The planet similar in size to Earth is Mars.

Which planet has similar size to earth?

Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars. Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

Are earth and Mars the similar size?

Earth is about twice the size of Mars. The radius from core to surface of Mars is 3396km whereas the radius from core to surface of Earth is 6371km.

Are earth and Mars similar?

Yes, they are similar in size, and there is evidence that there was once water, a stabil magnetic field, and an atmosphere on Mars.

In what way are earth and mars similar?

Earth and Mars are similar in few ways. First, Earth and Mars are rocky based planets. They have similar gravity and an atmosphere.

What is Mars size compared with Earth?

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

Which planet is similar to Mars?

Mars is very similar to Earth. Mars' year and day are very similar to Earth compared to other planets.

Which planet is the most similar to Mars?

Earth is the most similar to Mars.

What is the relative size from earth to Mars?

Comparing diameters, Mars is about 53% the size of Earth. So, the volume of Mars is about 15% of Earth.

Do mars and earth have a similar mass?

No. Mars has about one tenth of Earth's mass. Venus, howevr, does have a similar mass to Earth.

Size of Mars compare to Earth?

Mars is smaller than Earth.

How does Mars naturally resemble earth?

The size of Mars is similar to Earth's size, and its gravitational pull is about the same force of that of Earth. Mars has a layer of frozen liquid beneath its dusty orange surface. This liquid is believed to be the same liquid as Earth's water. Mars is also believed to possibly support living microbes like those on planet Earth.

What planet is similar to Earth?


Is Mars half the size of the earth?

Yes, Mars is almost exactly half the size of Earth as it is 0.533 times the size.

How is Mars similar to Earth?

Mars has the same seasons like Earth .Mars is a inner planet just like Earth.

What is Mars size compare to earth?

Mars has a diameter about 0.53 of the Earth's. Mars has a mass about 0.107 times the Earth's.

How is earth smaller than Mars?

Earth is not smaller than Mars, Mars is about half the size of Earth which makes Mars is smaller than Earth

What planet is bigger Earth or Mars?

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

What is the size of Mars vs earth?

mars is smaller in volume than earth

Is Mars a smaller than earth?

Yes, Mars is about half the size of Earth

How much bigger is the earth then Mars?

Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.

Is Mars a similar to another satellite etc in your solar system?

Mars is most similar to Earth.

Which planets are most similar to Earth?

Venus and Mars are the planets most similar to earth.

Which planet is most similar in temperature to earth?

Mars is most similar in temperature to earth.

Which planet has seasons similar to earth?