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Yes, the are very intellegent!

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Are German sheperds smart?

German Shepherds are among the worlds smartest dogs (I have 1).

What are good dogs for an unfenced yard?

German Sheperds

Are German Sheperds color blind?

Most dogs are, yes.

If you like nice cuddly dogs than which dog is perfect for you?

German sheperds

What is the genus of German sheperds?

Canis, as it is with all dogs. Canis is Latin for dog.

Why do German sheperds run?

All dogs like to run,german shepereds are working dogs and they need as much running as they can get to stay in shape.

Are greyhounds stronger than German sheperds?

german sheperds are stronger

How many bones do German sheperds have?

There are approximately 319 bones in ANY dogs body.

What kind of dogs breeds do K-9 units use?

German Sheperds.

Are pure bred dogs easy two train?

Yes, especially German Sheperds

Is k9 dogs are the same rottweiler dog?

the k9 dogs are the dogs that have been trained to work the police normal German Sheperds or rottis

How big are German sheperds?

They are large dogs who usally range around 80~90 pounds.

What kind of dogs are the most safeness?

Well, my favorite kind of dog is the German Sheperd. I think Huskies and German Sheperds can save you.

Are German sheperds good dogs?

Yes, the are very intelligent! and loyal beauty-full kind good around kids one of the best dogs

Is the German Shepherd a smart breed of dog?

Yes they are very smart dogs. German shepherds are used for many things such as drug dogs, police dogs, seeing eye dogs, guard \ watch dogs, and etc. German shepherds are great dogs they are loving, protective, and amazing dogs.

Are German sheperds the bravest dogs?

They're very brave animals, would happily take a bullet for their beloved owner.

Why are German Shepherds so smart?

they are so smart because they are police dogs.

What do German sheperds eat?


What can dogs be used for?

Dogs can be used for so many things. First and foremost, they're just a great friend and companion to have around. But as a profession, German Sheperds are usually Police Dogs, and other dogs like Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Sheperds, and Dalmatians can be used for the Seeing Eye and Hearing dogs. Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes can be used as sled dogs, and dogs like Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs and many other herding dogs are typically used for herding.

Where did German sheperds REALLY come from?

German Shepherds are from Germany.

Are German sheperds nice with children?

yes they are excellent with children , but you still have to be aware that they are big dogs and if you have a toddler they can easily knock them over

What kind of dogs saves people?

a German Shepard saves people they are smart dogs

Are German sheperds good with kids?


What were German sheperds bred for?

They were bred for herding.

How do German sheperds run?

Yes and they love it.