German Shepherds

They are one of the smartest and most obedient breed of dogs. They were initially bred to herd sheep. Because of their intelligence they are also used in police and military forces around the world. Because of their loyalty, they are one of the best guard dogs for our homes.

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German Shepherds

What is the biggest breed of German Shepherds?

Possibly the breed known as "Alsatian", which is, in effect, a really big German Shepherd.

German Shepherds

How many breads of dogs have two coats?

There are many breeds, not of an exact number, who have two coats.

Generally breeds that succumb to harsh conditions, ie: Husky, Malamute, Eskimo dog ect have this coat.

German Shepherds also have this coat.

If the dog sheds very heavily they generally have a 'double' coat, which is the proper term.

German Shepherds
Doberman Pinschers

How much is it to get your Dobermans ears cropped?

My vet charged $300 for it, and it included all the tapings. But having said this, he asked for a commitment from me to see it through. You must be willing to do work as well, it is not as simple as surgery and immediately ears stand. It is a process that takes a few months. The day of surgery mine had a flexible collar on and ears taped. The ears stayed taped for 1 week. Then we went back to the vet and had them taken down. One reason to see how they were healing and to 'air' them out. They stayed untaped for a day. Then back to the vet to be taped for a few days, then tape off for a day. This sequence continues until the ears stand. I learn how to take the tape off so that didnt require a vet visit, but my vet wanted to do all the tapings. So I went to the vet on the average of 2 times a week for 10-12 weeks. When the tape is off -- you must exercise the ears. This means whistling, making screeching sounds anything that makes a dogs ears go to attention. My vet suggested also to get balloons and make the screeching sounds with them. Both my babies have beautiful erect ears and it was alot of work but well worth it. Do your research on the appropriate vet and what type of cut you are looking for. Search the internet for pictures that you like of the cut and take them with you to the vet's office. Also, if your vet is responsible the he or she will have pictures of previous cuts they have done. Take your time and make the best selections for you!

German Shepherds

How much do vet bills cost for a German shepherd?

All large breeds will cost more than a procedure would be for a medium or small sized dog.

The actual price of a bill differs to whatever has been done.

Obviously an operation is more expensive than a hearing test so I can't really tell you an exact price.

Also I can't really give you an exact prize because some vets prize higher and some lower so it really depends on what vet you go to, but ost likely its a higher prize no matter what because you own a commonly large dog.

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German Shepherds

How long is a German Shepherd's labor?

You can't really give an average time for this, I'm afraid.

All dogs are different, and it would depend on how many pups.

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German Shepherds

What can you feed your Rottweiler mix German shepherd?

Whatever you like. Dry dog food/kibble, wet/canned dog food, or a raw diet.

German Shepherds

What environment can a German shepherd live in?

All over the world, they can live in Spain where the sun is hot as long as they have shelter, and over in Alaska, as long as they have warmth.

Temperature doesn't matter.

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German Shepherds

Can a dog die from hip displasia?

Yes. Dogs can die from hip dysplasia especially when not detected and treated immediately. This condition can be diagnosed by x-Ray or hip scoring tests. Treatment can be either medication when condition is mild or surgery when it is severe.

German Shepherds

What does German 'lederhosen' look like?

Lederhosen is a traditional garment, originally worn in Germany.

They look much like overalls with, two 'shoulder straps'. But Lederhosen usually have a thick strap going across the upper stomach. This middle strap usually has a detailed pattern to complete the look.

Lederhosen are normally attached to shorts, but you do see the occasional pants ladderhosen.

German Shepherds
Who Would Win

Could a German shepherd kill a bulldog?

yes it can,i had a German Sheperd named Rambo and he got into dog fights wen it was mating season and he killed a very large Bulldog nd 2years later he won a fight against a Pitbull. I hope that you are asking this question hypothetically, as dog fighting is a deplorable act. So, hypothetically speaking,.....yes it could. The German Shepherd has MANY advantages over most other dogs. It has great strength & determination.Steady temperment,boldness & character.It is fearless when protecting it's family & territory and highly intelligent.It is not easily intimidated & can be vicious if attacked.This dog has a superior sense of smell which rivals that of the bloodhound on a warm trail.The German Shepherd has the 3rd strongest bite in the dog world.It can apply nearly 300 lbs of pressure per square inch,outranking even the pitbull in strength of bite.

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German Shepherds

Do German shepherd eat chicken liver?

Liver is perfectly healthy, and a nice treat for dogs of all breeds.

German Shepherds

What if a possum bites a German Shepherd?

First of all its GERMAN SHEPHERD, not "Shepard". Second of all, if your dog is not current on his/her rabies (which, why in the world would he/she not be) then you should get this dog to the veterinary IMMEDIATELY to be checked out.

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German Shepherds

Which breed of dog is not hairy?

American Hairless Terrier

Chinese Crested (the hairless variety)

Hairless Khala

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Xoloitzcuintle (aka Mexican Hairless)

German Shepherds

How long are German shepherds in heat?

The general b1tch's cycle lasts 12 days.

German Shepherds

What is the bite force of a scottish terrier?


German Shepherds

How long do baby German Shepherds sleep?

14 hours

German Shepherds

What do german shepherds look like?

They have a good build, with erect ears, a keen nose and a ruffed neck.

They stand fairly tall, being classed as a large dog with a bushy tail. They can come in long or short hair and vary in a range of colours going to black or white and many other colours inbetween.

German Shepherds

Who invented the breed of German Shepherd?

Captain Maz in the 1800s.

World War 2
English to German
German Shepherds

Was the German STG 44 assault rifle common in the Normandy campaign?

No It was not,the STG 44 or MP 44 was mainly issued to high quality frontline Waffen-SS Panzer grenadier Divisons,who in June 1944 were mainly baes in Russia and Italy. My father was killed in the battle(s) crossing the Rhine with Canadian forces. In one of his letters, he mentions the German Schmeisser. He said it fired so rapidly, it sounded like someone was ripping cardboard. I don't know what model of the rifle this was but it seems they were not only in Italy and Russian fronts There are 2 "Machine Pistole" (sub-machineguns) that where called "Schmeisser". The MP-38 and the MP-40. The MP-38 (designed in 1938)was mainly used during the first part of the war, later the MP-40(designed in 1940) was introduced and was the most common sub-machinegun in the German army for the remainder of it. Not named after a well known German weapon designer Hugo Schmeisser, but as far as I understand German, the word "Schmeissen" means "to throw or hurl" so it would translate (if it's used in this way) into "Hurler" or "Thrower". One thought though, the only German machinegun that sounds like "ripping carton" or "ripping paper" is the MG series like the MG-34 and the MG-42. These machineguns are "the big ones, with the belt-fed ammo" and can fire with sustained fire. They still produce them in a "modern and updated" version and is in use by a lot of countries. Mr Schmeisser is one of the designers of the MP-44 or StG44, but that one sound like champagne bottles opening, more like a popping sound. This is a good question. Another made a comment about the STG 44 being issued to "elite units" on the eastern front. I agree but I would also state the Liebstandarte SS and the Hitlerjugend (SS) were also "elite units" and they were on the western front at the time of the Normandy invasion. But I have never seen photos of soldiers in these two units at the time of this action toting the STG 44 either. No the MP44 as it was known then was not common was was avalaible to elite SS und Heer units and yes there are pictures of men in 17th SS and other units on western font using MP44 between June - Aug 1944 yes hiterjugend, das reich, gotz von berlichigan und liebstandarte all had sturmgruppe equipped mi der MP44 between June - Aug 44..And also Heer sturmgruppe 2. panzer etc had some MP44's at this time.. there were some entire zugs(squads) equipped with them but only assualt units(sturmzug. Other zug might have one in one squad... No, The first reference to the MP-44 I can remember from all the WWII books I have read is from the Battle of the Bulge in the Dec 1944. So I doubt the MP-44 was used by the Germans in the Normandy campaign.

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German Shepherds

Can a German sheperd dog pull a sled?

A German Shepherd could pull a sled its strong enough to all you would need to do would be to train it and they are very smart

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Can a seven year old female German Shepherd have puppies?

Depends whether she still has her cycle...

Please, though, unless she is pedigree with a low hip score and such do not breed her as it just makes the unwanted dog population bigger!

Email me on if you need any more help.

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German Shepherds
Dog Breeding and Mating

Is frequent urination an early sign of pregnancy?

Those can be signs of pregnancy, but it doesn't mean you are pregnant. Wait another day or two and if you haven't gotten your period take a home test. If you are still unsure go see a doctor. I normally have very regular periods and last month, I was a week late. So late isn't always pregnant. Hope this answers your questions. yes it is a happens like in the first week of conception

German Shepherds
Color Blindness

Are German Sheperds color blind?

Most dogs are, yes.

German Shepherds

Is German shepherd a hound?

No, it's a herding breed, hence the name "Shepherd".

German Shepherds

What is the average life expectancy of the German Shepherd?

The average life expectancy is 10-12 years but it is not uncommon for them to reach 15. The care they receive can affect the life expectancy of individual dogs.

A German shepherd can live up to 15 years, if completely healthy. Although, hip dysplasia is a common ailment in GS's, and it can be life threatening as well as shorten the life span. As long as the animal has regular vet checkups, stays up to date on it's shots, and there are no health complications, your pet should live a long life.


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