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It is endangered due to hunting and poaching. People hunted it for food, but they banned the hunting over it and it is recovering. It is also endangered by pollution in its habitat and also due to different habitat losses.

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yes, because of dams being built

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Q: Are Japanese salamanders endangered
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Why is salamanders endangered?

most salamanders are not endangered but the unlucky rare ones are

Are lung-less salamanders endangered?

Lung-less salamanders are endangered

Are green salamanders endangered?

yes green salamanders are endangered they are the only amphibians on the endangered animal list in North Carolina

Why are Fire Salamanders endangered?

salamander eats fish

Are California newts endangered?

California newts (Taricha torosa) are not endangered. However, California Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma californiense) are endangered.

Native habitat endangered the salamanders?

Please rephrase your question, what do you mean?

What kinds of frogs are endangered?

There are many types of frogs that are endangered. On Earths' Endangered Creatures List under amphibians there are presently 2294 endangered frog, toads, salamanders, etc.

What do Flatwood Salamanders eat?

Flatwood salamanders are an endangered animal. They eat mostly arthropods and earthworms. They are carnivorous animals and will not eat any plants.

How many flatwoods salamanders are left because they have been endangered?

one hundred

Why are the California tiger salamanders endangered?

Habitat Destruction is the primary reason for the decline in Tiger Salamander populations.

Do salamanders have nails?

The vast majority of salamanders species do not have claws. The only salamanders that have claws are the long-tailed clawed salamander and the Japanese clawed salamander.

Is the Japanese giant salamander the largest salamander?

no the japanese giant salamander is the smallest of the large salamanders