Salamanders and Newts

Popular as pets, salamanders and newts are amphibians that resemble lizards, but are actually very different. There are over 500 species of salamanders. Ask questions about their diet, habitat and behavior here.

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Salamanders and Newts

Are salamanders lizards?

Nope, salamanders aren’t lizards—surprisingly, they aren’t even reptiles. They’re amphibians.

It’s understandable to mistake the slender, long-tailed, little-legged creatures for lizards, but they’re actually closer relatives to frogs. Take a look at them—you can kind of see it! Like frogs and other amphibians, salamander babies have gills and live in the water, then move to moist land as adults. That’s because their adult skin absorbs water but also loses it, so they need constant replenishment.

Lizards (and all reptiles) don’t need to live on moist land. While some are comfortable in the water, they can never breathe it, and their scaly skin prevents water loss.

Salamanders and Newts

Do giant salamanders eat people?


Salamanders and Newts

How do newts live without water?

Newts are amphibians and need to breathe. They can live without water for several weeks as long as they are in damp conditions and DON'T dry out. Sometimes you can find newts hiding under stones.

They are amphibians, so they do rely on a watery habitat.

Salamanders and Newts

What time of year does a newt hibernate?

Newts hibernate from about December first to March first.

Salamanders and Newts

Are newts the same as salamanders?

No...newts and salamanders are both amphibians (like frogs); however, newts are a little bigger than the common salamander. Also, newts are more of a water amphibian while salamanders tend to prefer moist areas like under logs and such.

Salamanders and Newts

Can newts grow legs back?

yes newts can grow there limbs back. :)

Salamanders and Newts

What do a eastern tiger salamander sound like?

The sound of a 90 year-old climaxing.

Salamanders and Newts

How long do newts live up to?

in my opinion newts live up to 65 years, the average live of fire belly newts is from 30 to 60 years:]

Salamanders and Newts

Are salamanders friendly?

yes they are.well in most cases that is.most of them are shy and most likely afraid of you.

Salamanders and Newts

Do salamanders eat their own skin?

It is not uncommon for a Salamander to shed skin and then eat the cast off slough. Also, large salamanders will sometimes eat smaller ones.

Salamanders and Newts

What is the name of a small salamander with the first letter of the name e?


Salamanders and Newts

Can goldfish and fire belly newts live together?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with the exception of weather (dojo) loaches, bristlenose plecos, or apple/mystery snails.
You should not keep a fire belly newt with goldfish as their needs are very different. In addition, the newt needs a land area, so a smaller tank with partial water and a nice dry land area is best.

Salamanders and Newts
Poisons and Toxins

Are newts poisonous?

they only are if you eat them!

Salamanders and Newts

Does a salamander eat it own skin?

It cannot even reach its own skin...

Salamanders and Newts

What does a salamander eat?

The answer to that question depends of the age of the salamander. How younger the salamander, how smaller the food. In most of the cases the larf eats his own eggshell and lives the first week of microorganisms called 'infuus' that lives in water what is already in culture (pond water). After a week the larf starts eating small animals, such as little daphnids or cyclopsen. After two weeks they like larger daphnids and after three or four weeks they are large enough for tubifex or red mosquito larvae. After six up to eight weeks they eat the same as the adult animals, only smaller formats.

Adult salamanders at the water stage eat also the aforesaid food animals completed with rainworms, maggots, and mysis.

'''Salamanders''' '''eat''' worms, ants, spiders, potato bugs, slugs, mice and rats

Salamanders will eat anything smaller than them, as long as it's alive.
Salamanders are carnivores. They eat insects like a frog does.

Salamanders usually eat smaller animals that live in the pond/habitat or tiny crustaceans.

In most of the cases the young salamander eats his own eggshell and eats microorganisms that live in the water. After two weeks they like larger daphnids and after three or four weeks they are large enough for tubifex or red mosquito larvae.

After six up to eight weeks they eat the same as the adult animals, only in smaller portions.

Adult salamanders in the water eat the above animals along with rainworms, maggots, and mysis.

Adult salamanders in the country eat almost everything what crawls and smaller is than themselves, like fruit flies, spiders, rainworms, maggots, springtails, flour maggots and buffaloworms. Also, you can offer them red mosquito larvae on a wet tissue.

Salamanders and Newts

What is the salamander door handle made of?

It's bronze

Salamanders and Newts

How many babies can salamanders have at one time?


Salamanders and Newts

Is a salamander a mammal?


Salamanders and Newts

How do axolotls mate?

In the breeding season (June to December) males deposit small packets of sperm on the bottom of the pond. They then lead females to the packets, where the females then pick up several packets with their cloaca. Fertilization then takes place internally, and the female lays fertilized eggs about 24 hours later.

Salamanders and Newts

What is newt dobbs horse name in lonesome dove?


Salamanders and Newts

What does giant Chinese salamander eat?

Salamanders and Newts

Is there any way to keep salamanders out of the pool?

Put up low fencing, such as construction type silt fence, or aluminum fence that is keyed into the ground and is approximately 12"high in the bushes (so you can't see it that well) around the perimeter ofthe pool.

Salamanders and Newts

Do Tiger Salamanders swim?

Yes, they do swim.

Salamanders and Newts

What is the muscular system of a newt like?

very much as are own except for the tail

Zoology or Animal Biology
Salamanders and Newts

What is the genus of a newt?

Triturus There are many genus's Cynops, Taricha, Paramesotriton, Notophthalmus, etc


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