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Are Justin Bieber and usher really close?


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yes! because their best friend


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how would i know? if your talking about the USHER usher, than that usher discovered Justin Bieber! how could you not know that!

Not really, Scotter Braun discover Justin Bieber, Then Scotter introduced Justin to Usher and Usher signed him

Justin Bieber and Usher are so close because Usher is his mentor. Also Usher knew Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, so they were introduced to each other.

NO! he works with usher and is a close friends with him.

Justin Bieber admires his close friend Usher

There isn't a limit really. Justin Bieber is still in contact with Usher and is still working with Usher.

No... Justin Bieber already has a dad. His name is Jeremy Jack Bieber. He is close to Usher though.

Yes, Usher supports Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber refers to Usher as his "mentor".

Justin Bieber is not related to Usher! Usher is not his father at all! They are very good friends that is all! Sorry if i let you down! from sabbyxx Let me improve: Usher is like an older brother, or carer to Justin Bieber. Usher signed Justin Bieber. They are very close to each other but they are not father and son.

No, Usher is not Justin Bieber's brother. Justin Bieber lives with Usher. He lives with Usher because Usher is the person who found him on Youtube and made him famous!No, Justin Bieber and Usher are not brothers!! Usher is Justin's mentor and manager and close friend but they are no relation to each other whatsoever :)

Justin Bieber does like girls is just that Usher pressured him to say his gay,because justin Bieber had all the girls and that made Usher jealous.

No. Usher is black. Justin Bieber is white.

Justin bieber and usher are not related hahahahaha

Usher signed Justin Bieber with Island Records

Sorta.. Usher signed Justin Bieber

Yes Justin bieber has 2 choices it would be usher or Justin timber-lake so he picked usher and usher was there every second with Justin bieber

Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over Justin Bieber. Yes its Bieber not Beiber. :)

No, Justin Bieber is not related to Usher. You mean Usher......:) No, he is not, but Usher is like his older brother No he is not. Usher gave Justin his big break

Usher is 5'8", Justin Bieber is 5'3"

Justin did not sign usher. usher signed him.

Justin Bieber has known Usher for 3 years when he signed Justin. :)

yes Justin bieber is very well friends with usher !

usher didnt find Justin bieber , alix and iqra did.

Usher really does like him! Theyre great friends!

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