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== == LCD is best when compared to plasma because crystals have very good property regarding it is better to use LCD rather than using plasma...The plasma have disadvantage that its is not as stable as an LCD.

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Q: Are LCD televisions more popular than plasma models?
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What is the approximate price of a Panasonic 50 inch plasma TV?

Panasonic 50" plasma televisions vary in price depending on the model and features. New models by Panasonic can be found at prices as low as $499 and higher end models with more features can cost $1100 or more. If price is a concern, used Panasonic 50" plasma televisions are listed on eBay for approximately $300 to $350.

Is Plasma TV more expensive than LED TV?

Yes Plasma TV are more expensive then LED as you will get more features with Plasma TV

Do plasma screens really have plasma?

yes, they do. If you want a more detailed answer, than ask the question what is plasma in plasma tv.

Where can I buy a pdp plasma tv?

PDP stands for Plasma Display Panel - basically a plasma tv. Most electronics stores still sell a few varieties, though LCD and LED are more popular. Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and are your best bets.

How much power does a Plasma TV use?

about 1/3 more than a plasma

What exactly is a plasma sort of TV ?

Plasma TVs are becoming a more and more popular viewing option and can be purchased in so many styles and sizes it can seem a minefield. My advice would be to go to a large outlet such as PC World where you can see the TVs in store and get detailed information from their well trained staff.

How much do led televisions cost compared to plasma televisions?

Plasma televisions are more expensive, even at home. The Plasma uses more watts to power it, which in turn takes more to energy to power. Therefore, the cheaper one would be LED.

What are some popular 32 inch plasma TVs?

There are several different brands of plasma TVs on the market to choose from. Sanyo plasma TVs are about the cheapest out there. Emerson is also another brand that is made in the USA and has a great reputation on all of there electronics. Panisonic is one brand that is more expensive with better picture quality than other brands.

Which 3d tv should I get a plasma or lcd led the basic problem with 3d is reduced resolution so should I prefer led over plasma?

Once you have studied specifications, the next step is to spend some time to experience several models of 3D television. Make sure you choose a model that you enjoy watching. Your enjoyment of the television is far more important than written specifications or specific models.

Are Sony Plasma TVs made with flat screens?

Yes, Sony's plasma televisions are flatscreen. As a general rule, plasma televisions are made with a flatscreen design, so there are more companies than Sony if you're interested in a plasma television.

What are the pros and cons of Samsung 60 LED TVs?

LED TVs are often thinner than comparable models, and more energy efficient. A downside, however, is that they often are higher priced than the LCD or Plasma equivalent.

How do you use the word plasma in a science sentence?

Plasma TV is usually better and more efficient than other types of TV.

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