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yes because lg is a phone brand and t mobile is a network software

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What cell phones are compatible with Verizon?

The cell phones that are compatible with Verizon are Cellualar One, LG, Motorola, Apple, TMobile and there are other phones that are compatible with Verizion phones.

Is the drop suit case compatible with all lg smart phones?

Yes, The "Drup Siut" case Is compatible with LG and LTE smart phones.. aka: DROID IPHONE5

What LG phones are available on a Verizon plan?

The Verizon plan has many LG phones available. Some of the LG phones compatible with the Verizon plan include the Lucid2, Cosmos 3, Spectrum 2, and the Intuition.

What brands make mobile phones which are 3g compatible?

Some brands that make mobile phones which are 3g compatible are Samsung, Nokia, Apple, and LG. There are also several other brands of phones that are 3g compatible.

Are lg optimus phones straight talk compatible?

dont know the answer was asking

Are LG phones compatible with iTunes?

Only apple products are compatible with itunes, unless you download a converter software.

What is beter lg phones or nokia phones?

LG phones are better and they are also much more durable.

Why Purchase Cell Phones LG?

LG brand cell phones have a variety of cell phones available for purchase. LG makes basic phones, flip phones, multimedia phones, and even smartphones. LG caters to a wide range of customers who, in turn, have a wide range of tastes in cell phones. LG phones have something to offer everybody, so if you're young or old, new to the phone world or an expert, you will be impressed with what the LG brand has to offer its customers.

does cingular still sell lg phones?

AT&T is now known as Cingular. Yes, they still sell LG Phones. Some of them are known as the LG Encore, LG Quantum, LG Neon,and the LG Phoenix. They are ll considered touch screen phones.

Which types of phones are Skype compatible?

A number of BlackBerry models are compatible with Skype, such as 8830 World Ed, Bold 9650 and 9930 and a few others. Many Android phones also support Skype, and a few LG ones also. Skype will not be compatible on any of the iPhones or Apple devices.

Does cingular carry lg phones?

Yes Cingular carries LG phones as well as many other models. A few types of LG phones that Cingular carries are:Xenon GR500, CU400, and the CI300. To look at a series of Cingular LG phones you can visit

What service is for the LG phones?

It depends on which LG phone you have. Some LG phones are for AT&T, others for Sprint, and some for Verizon Wireless.

Why were LG phones invented?

LG phones were invented because some man wanted money

Is the LG KC550 mobile phone compatible with windows vista?

No the lg kc550 is not compatible with windows vista

What LG phones are smartphones?

Their first Android phone was the LG InTouchMax. They also have the LG Optimus line, for which they have both Android and Windows phones. Their latest is the LG Prada.

What LG phones are available on the AT&T network?

There are five LG phones available on the AT&T network. They are the LG GU295, LG Neon (TM) II, LG Encore (TM), LG VU (TM) Plus, and LG Quantum (TM).

Where can I buy a brand new lg phone?

You can buy a brand new LG phone off several websites such as the LG home site, Ebay, Amazon, and Walmart. Yes, AT&T does provide LG phones. You can go to their website, and search under phones for LG phones.

What types of mobile phones are made by LG?

LG makes a variety of mobile phones. A large majority of them are smart phones. A few of the phones are the Lucid, Spirit, Optimus, and Mach. LG also has a site that conveniently shows the phones available with a photo and descriptive information.

Do all LG phones have faults?

no i have a LG phone and there are no problems with it

What are some models of LG phones that Verizon carries?

Some of the models of LG phones that Verizon Wireless carries are the LG Lucid 2, the Spectrum 2 by LG, the Intuition by LG, LG Revere 2, LG Cosmos 3, and the Spectrum by LG reconditioned model.

What are so good models of LG mobiles phones?

Some good models of LG mobile phones include the LG Rumor Plus, the Shine Plus, and the LG Cookie Plus.

Best camera flip phones?

LG has several great camera flip phones to choose from. LG phones are great and the battery life is excellent.

What is the name of the service provider who offers LG Mobile phones?

T-Mobile is the primary service provider who offers LG Mobile Phones. Verizon Wireless also offers a small selection of LG Mobile phones. Sprint/Nextel also offers some of the LG Mobile phones.

What are the different kinds of keyboards offered by LG Qwerty?

LG offers many cell phones with Qwerty keyboards. The LG Match, LG Freedom, Rumor Reflex, and Extravert are all phones by LG which offer this feature.

What phones are compatible with simple mobile?

Simple Mobile has a variety of phones on their website that are compatible with their service. Phones that are compatible with T-Mobile can also be used with Simple Mobile.