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no! He has been seen with Paula Deanda and it was all over Tmz. Lil Wayne and Trina did date about 3 years ago for about 1 year. They broke up for awhile then got back together, then broke up again. She is currently dating a Basketball player, and he is currently expecting children with Lauren London, and Nivea.

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Q: Are Lil Wayne and Trina dating?
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Is Trina dating Lil Wayne?


Are Trina and Lil' Wayne still dating?

No! He dating Paula Deanda

When did Lil Wayne start dating Trina?

high school

Did Trina and Lil Wayne have a baby?

Trina was pregnant with Lil Wayne's child but she miscarried.

Why did Trina and Lil Wayne break up?

y did Trina and lil Wayne break up

Is Lil Wayne dating both Trina and Laura London?

neither! Paula DeAnda

Is Trina pregnant by Lil Wayne?

Yesss. (: IMPROVED ANSWER: Trina was pregnant by Lil Wayne but she had a miscarriage.

Did Lil Wayne get Trina pregnant?

No the reason why they broke up was because Trina didn't want to have a child with Lil' Wayne. Trina was never pregnant.

Who is trina's boyfriend?

lil Wayne

Who did lil Wayne propose to?


Did Lil Wayne's son die?

Trina would have had a baby with lil Wayne but had a miscarrage. lil Wayne has 4 other children.

Why did Lil' Wayne and Trina break up?

bacause Trina was pregant and she had an miscarriage

Who is lil Wayne girlfriend now?


Did Trina date lil Wayne?


Did Lil Wayne and Trina date?


Do Trina wants Lil Wayne back?


Is it true that Trina was pregnant by Lil Wayne?


Did Lil Wayne and Trina get married?

Nah they ain't ain't married they was goin 2 get married but Trina left LiL Wayne dat why he made a song about it.

Does Lil Wayne got a kid with Trina?

no lil Wayne only hot nomore then 4 kids

Who Lil Wayne dating?

Lil Wayne is currently dating Jenna Carroll .

Are Trina and Lil Boosie dating?


Trina and Lil Wayne broke up?

yes they did

Do trina and lil wayne have kids?

she dont have kids

Is Trina and lil Wayne back together?

h3lll no

Are Lil Wayne and Nivea dating?

No , Lil Wayne is currently dating Jenna Carroll .