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A Mac has the potential for being a better machine than a PC for liverstreaming to Twitch. This will depend greatly on the hardware that is actually located inside of either the Mac or the PC.

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Q: Are Mac's better than PC for livestreaming to Twitch?
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What is better Macs or Pcs?

It depends on your needs. Macs are often used in the creative arts, such as music, photography, and design. However the cost is sometimes prohibitive, and many people prefer a more customizable system. PCs are typically more popular in business, have a wider array of available software and peripherals, and are significantly less expensive. PC gaming is historically better than Mac gaming, although that may be changing. That being said, as server-side or cloud-based computing becomes more and more popular, the platform used to access it becomes less important to the user experience.

Windows is better than Macs because it is more compatible with all types of software.?

Windows is better than Macs because it is more compatible with all types of software.

Why are macs bad?

Theyre not bad at all they are actually FAR better than windows

Are Macs be better than PC's?

Macs are better because they're organized unlike a PC. they're faster than a PC and they have a built in firewall also there are almost no viruses for macs. even though they're expensive its worth it if you want to download a game they won't let you because they only make it available for PC's. the game companies don't ask apple to let them be available for macs because they want to make PC's look better.

For what uses are macs better than pcs?

Well the graphics are better and you can buy tons of programs that let you switch between mac and PC on your mac monitor.

How well does Microsoft Office 2008 work for Macs?

Better than it works on a PC. Twice as stable with a fantastic user interface.

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How are Macs better than PCs?

Macs are not virus or malware prone. Mac hardware usually lasts longer than PC hardware. Mac OS X's GUI may be easier to navigate. Mac OS X has a fast start-up time. Macs hardware and software are from the same source, making compatibility more likely.

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