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Blanket is a nickname for the youngest child, whose given name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II. Michael called him a 'warm blessing', like a blanket.

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Is Michael Jackson's child named pillow?

No his name is Prince Michael II, but everyone calls him Blanket.

How do you say crochet blanket and pillow?

You can say, "Crochet blanket and pillow."

What do blonde girls like in bed?

a pillow and a blanket

How to make things for your American girl doll?

here's an example: Bed- Use a pillow , small blanket and a shirt. place the small blanket on the pillow , then fold up the shirt and place it on the pillow. now arrange the stuff like a bed!

How do you stop a Co2 dragster?

Foam padding with a blanket and a pillow.

Names of hand knit blanket?

Examples of names of hand knit blanket are: Hand Knit Initials Blanket, Hand Knit Pillow and Hand Knit Chevron Blanket.

How can you stop your bass drum from ecoing?

Place a pillow or blanket inside your drum

What did people take into an air raid shelter?

A blanket, some food and a pillow.

What to bring to camp?

of course clothes, money, camera, shoes, pillow, sheets, blanket,

What can you buy to aid in sleeping on an airplane?

Your own pillow, blanket and Dramamine. Night night !

Is it fine if a girl humps her pillow?

Is it fine for a boy to hump his blanket no! So there's your answer Humping the pillow is a very common way to masturbate so yes you can.

What are things you can hump?

a pillow, a bundeled up blanket to a point, your own arm a girl or guy

Does Joe Jonas sleep with any kind of pillow or blanket?

I saw on youtube that he had an interview on the family tour bus and he sleeps with a care bear pillow!! i dont know about the blanket. I do also know that their mom gave them special embroidered pillow and his was mr. danger (his nickname) i dont know if he actually sleeps with it, but he does have one hope this answers your question

What do you need to sleep over?

Pajamas, pillow, blanket, change of clothes, toothbrush, deodorant and a happy disposition.

How do you freak out a teenager?

To pet their head saying "yes you shall be my pet!" Chasing them around with a pillow and blanket.

What do people offer on an airplane to make time go by?

moviemagazinesmealsnacks & drinkspillow & blanket

What is the checklist for spending the night at your friends house?

bring clothes, toothbrush, popcorn (optional), sleeping bag or blanket and pillow.

What are some pranks to play on people?

get a fake head and like a pillow or something like that and put the head on the pillow and the body under a blanket next to someone sleeping and wake them up so they dont see you!!

What household items can you hump?

A pillow, blanket, Armrest, towel, stuffed animals...if you are a girl, try putting a tampon in then riding a pillow if you dont have a dildo, and if you are a guy, try cutting a hole in a stuffed animal then penetrating it.

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