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They are semi-auto,i currently own one that was my dads and before that it was my grandpaws gun.

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Are Model 25 Sears Roebuck 22 rifles semi automatic or bolt action?

Semi automatic

What is value of 22 caliber Sears and Roebuck Model 340530430 lever action rifle?

Wat is the value of 22 caliber sears and roebuck model 340530430 lever action rifle

Are serial numbers unique on Sears Roebuck model 48 22 cal rifles?

No. Serial numbers were not required until 1968 on rifles. Most have a Sears model number that is mistaken for a serial number

Where can you find an assembly diagram for a Savage model 64 22caliber semiautomatic long rifle?

Contact Savage. They are still in business, making good rifles.

Who manufactured the Sears Roebuck Model 48 lever action rifle?


Who made the sears and roebuck JCHiggins model 45 lever action 22cal rifle?


What is the value of a Winchester Model 1901 single shot .22 pump action rifle?

No such model. Winchester did not make a 'Model 1901 single shot .22 pump-action rifle.' They made a Model 1900, Model 1902 and Model 1904, which were all single-shot bolt-action rifles, and they made the Model 1890 and Model 1906 which were slide-action rifles but had tubular magazines. How exactly is your rifle marked?

Who made the sears and roebuck model 101.53521 30-30 cal bolt action rifle?

Savage. It is their model 340.

Where can you get a clip for a Sears and Roebuck 22 model 46DL lever action?

It is my understanding that a magazine from a Marlin 89C or 56 (both .22 rifles) or an Ithaca X-15 .22 rifle will fit the Seras 46DL. See your local gun dealer.

Where can you find photographs of all model 1894 Winchester lever action rifles?

Not here.

Where can you find a clip and sights for a 22 LR Sears Roebuck Model 282 bolt action?

The 282 is the Winchester model 521 made for sears

What is the value of a JC Higgins Sears and Roebuck 410 bolt action shotgun model 103720?

find a collector i sold my sears and roebuck for 750 im sure you can get quite a bit.

What is model name for colt 32 semiautomatic?

model 1903 hammerless .32

How much is a sears and roebuck model 46 dl-10319840-caliber 22 jc Higgins?

where can i get a magazine for a sears and roebuck j.c. higgins model 46 dl-10319840 22 cal. lever action rifle

What is the value of a 12 gauge sears and roebuck single shot bolt action model 14 583.1450?

The value of a 12 gauge Sears and Roebuck single shot bolt action model 14 will vary depending on the condition. If the gun is in good condition, it could be worth $150-$200 dollars.

Where can you find information about the Ranger 22 cal rifles 101.16?

This should be a Savage Model 6 autoloader with a Sears Roebuck brand name on it, made from 1938 to 1968.

Where can you find a replacement stock for a Sears Roebuck model 104.7 20 ga bolt action shotgun?


What is the value of a sears and roebuck 12 gauge pump action shotgun?

Depends on model and condition. Typically $100-$150.

What year did Winchester come up with the 243?

The 243 Winchester caliber was introduced in the model 70 bolt action and the model 88 lever action rifles in the year 1955 by Winchester.

Jc Higgins sears roebuck model 1262831 rifle?

This is the code number for a "Crosman" model 180 air rifle. Both Crosman and Daisy made air Rifles for Sears under the JC Higgins name.

What is value of model 47 30-30 Stevens bolt action?

The value will be between 125-200 dollars for this model of bolt action rifle.These rifles were made between 1928-1945 I believe and are fine first model rifles to be used by new hunters to learn about rifle safety,rifle handling and marksmanship.

When was The Sears Roebuck Model?


Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Sears Roebuck Model 14 bolt action shotgun?

What is the value of a sears and roebuck model 101.53521 30-30 cal bolt action rifle?

$200 to $300 depending on condition.

What year jchiggins sears roebuck 12 ga bolt action 58317 model?

Sometime between the mid 1940s and early 1970s.