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no because he is my baby

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Is Corbin Bleu Dating someone?

Corbin Bleu is not dating at the moment. He used to date Monique Colman from High School Musical. they started to date after they filmed High School Musical 2. But when they finished high school musical 3 Monique told Corbin that they should move forward from high school musical. Corbin was going along with that but Monique said that they should move on to. date other people. and after their break up Corbin didn't see anyone eles. but he did in the end. but they are over now. No Corbin isn't dating anyone. so fans of high school musical you can dream of dating Corbin or Monique if there are any boy fans. sorry for the people who was excited to know if Corbin and Monique were DATING but you never know they might get back together. and i hate high school musical but i do love Corbin Bleu.

How old is moniqe from high school musical?

shes 29

What is Chad's from High School Musical full name?

Corbin Bleu? Corbin Bleu?

What is corbin bleu's high school musical name?

Corbin Bleu plays Chad Danforth.

Who plays Chad Danforth in High School Musical?

Corbin Bleucorbin bleu i think

Who played chad in high school musical?

Corbin Bleu.

What is the true name of chad in high school musical?

Corbin Bleu.

What actor plays Chad in High School Musical?

Corbin Blue

Are the cast of high school musical dating each other?

There is Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Blue, Ashley Tisadale, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Colemen. Zac is dating Vanessa Corbin and Monique are not dating but they go to the movies together go shopping that kind of stuff Ashley is dating someone else who is not in the HSM cast same with Lucas.

Who was Corbin Bleu in High School Musical?

Corbin Bleu played Chad Danforth in Hsm 1, 2 and 3.

Who is corbin bleu in high school musical?

Corbin Bleu, in all the High School Musical's is Chad Danforth. He is Troy's best mate, he is the co-capitan of the Wildcats!

What is chads last name of high school musical 2?

name in high school musical is chad danforth and in real life it is corbin bleu

What is Chad real name in high school musical?

The actor who plays Chad in High School Musical 1, 2, and 3 is Corbin Bleu.

Who sings the song mixed up?

It's Corbin Bleu from high school musical :)

What is corbin bleus pet called?

Corbin Bleu's pet dog is named Spinee. Corbin Bleu is best known for his acting roles in the hit movie 'High School Musical'.

Will there be a high school musical 2 premiere in London?

It has passed. But Corbin (chad) couldn't come.

Who is Nick Jonas fav high school musical chacter?

chad.......a.k.a. corbin bleu

What is cad from High School Musical real name?

corbin bleu love bellaboo102 <3

What is chad real name of high school musical?

Chad Danforth aka Corbin Bleu!

Who play Chad danforth in?

Corbin Bleu plays Chad Danforth in Disney's High School Musical

Who stared in High School Musical?

Zac efron- vanessa hudgens corbin blue ashley tisdale

Why is Corbin Bleu also known as Corbin Blue famous for?

Corbin Bleu, also known as Corbin Blue, was in the Disney movie series "High School Musical". He played Chad in the series but is also a singer/songwriter and has released two albulms.

How did Corbin Bleu become a star?

Corbin Bleu began his career with small roles in film and television. His big break came was he was cast for "High School Musical."

How old was Corbin Bleu when he made High School Musical 3?

I Don't Know . But He Is 23 Now [2012)

What films has Corbin Bleu been in?

High School Musical 1, High School Musical 2, and Jump In.When he was a child he was in a film called Catch That Kid. Kristen Stwart was also in Catch That Kid