Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas

Are Mountain lions pumas?

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Yes. Mountain lion and puma is the same creature.

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No. Pumas and mountain lions are actually the same animal.

Mountain lions and pumas are the same animal, Puma Concolor.

Cougars, pumas, and mountain lions are all the same wild cats. Cougars are pumas and mountain lions, pumas are cougars and mountain lions, and mountain lions are cougars and pumas. It is one type of wild cat that can be called three names!!THEY ARE ALL THREE THE SAME!!! :)Does that answer your question? I hope so! :)

Cougars, Pumas, Mountain Lions

Yes, but they call them Pumas

Cougars, mountain lions and pumas are names of a single species. The only subspecies currently endangered is the Florida panther.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas, do live in Boreal forests.

Sea lions, which are seals, and mountain lions, which are also called pumas, panther, cougar.

queensActually they are still called pumas but pumas are also called mountain lions and cougars

Mountain lions are not naturally found in Africa.

Nothing. They are the same animal.I believe these are just two different names for the same species.

tigers, lions, pumas, mountain lions, jaguars, Leopards, cougers, etc

pumas, mountain lions, bears, other large mountain animals, wolves, and sometimes humans

Pumas, mountain lions, bears, other large mountain animals, wolves, and sometimes humans.

pumas, bears, mountain lions, other large mountain animals, wolves, and sometimes humans

pumas, bears, mountain lions, wolves, other large mountain animals, and sometimes humans

Mountain Lions; also known as Cougars, Pumas or Catamounts.

Pumas, mountain lions and cougars are all names for the same animal. These big cats are called different names depending on the area that they live in. These cats are also called panthers and catamounts.

Yes. It is all the same cat. The mountain lion has about forty different names.

Yes. All names for the mountain lion, Puma Concolor.

they stalk their prey, then they pounce on it, break its neck, and drag it away.

Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Pumas. Or, in other words, any Carnivore.

Mountain Lions (also known as Cougars and Pumas) are a light yellow color.