Are Nat Wolff and Allie DiMeco perfect for each other?

I dont think their a perfect couple they should break up Allie DiMeco had way to much chances now its her last chance . she got her chance kissing a french guy, and letting him come to rehersal in naked idol, and choosing Bobby Love over Nat...and alot more chances she had.... SHE NEED TO BE KICKED OUT OF NBB FOR GOOD AND BE BROKEN UP WITH Nat wolff FOR GOOD........ anyways im just saying Allie and Nat arn't a PERFECT COUPLE THEIR ALWAYS BREAKING UP AND GETTING BACK TOGETHER LIKE 1,000 TIMES... like come on who gets back and breaks up again.... well most couples do that but for nat and allie it's getting annoying i dont hate allie dimeco im cool with her. or nat i love nat wolff with all my heart but come on nat needs to find another GF or keep doing the same crap over and over