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Are Peyton and Lucas going to be on One Tree Hill this season?

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No, it already has started.

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Where is Peyton and Lucas from One Tree Hill?

from season 7 and onwards peyton, lucas and sawyer are no longer in one tree hill

Does Peyton and Lucas have a baby on One Tree Hill?

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

When do lucas and Peyton leave One Tree Hill?

Peyton and Lucas leave One Tree Hill after they have their daughter Sawyer Scott in Season 6 the last episode

What was the last episode of One Tree Hill lucas and Peyton were in?

The last episode Lucas and Peyton appeared in was; Remember me as a time of Day, which was the season finale of Season 6.

Will Peyton and Lucas return in One Tree Hill?

It is said that Peyton and Lucas will return for season 9 of One Tree Hill as they were the originals from the start and they want them to be present in there last season of One Tree hill

Does Peyton get pregnant in One Tree Hill season 6?

Yes. Peyton does get pregnant.However, she has complications with the baby. Lucas and She must decide wether or not they are going to keep the baby. If they do, Peyton could die.

Does Brooke have a baby in season 6 in One Tree Hill?

No, but in the finale Peyton and Lucas have theirs and Peyton survives!:)

Does the stalker of Peyton come back on One Tree Hill?

No, because Peyton en Lucas are not in season 7

In what season on One Tree Hill do Peyton and Lucas get together?

which time? they get engaged...and pregnant....in season 6.

What happened to lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill season 7?

Chad (lucas) wanted t leae and hilarie (Peyton) figured it woudnt make sense if Peyton was there and lucas wasnt so she left too

Does lucas and Peyton come back in One Tree Hill season 9?

Just Lucas for 1 episode. :) #I<3Lucas.

In One Tree Hill how do lucas and Peyton leave?

Lucas and Peyton leave season 6 episode 23 after they get married and after Peyton gives birth to sawyer and wakes up from a coma. They leave in Lucas' car that says commet on it ...

Are Lucas and Peyton coming back to One Tree Hill?

lucas and Peyton might be coming back for the 8th season of one tree hill. But they are not totally sure yet i hope they come back i love them ! :)

What episode does Payton marry in One Tree Hill?

Peyton and Lucas get married in season 6.

When does lucas and Peyton become an official couple for the first time in One Tree Hill?

Ok, in the first season Brooke and Lucas are dating and Lucas and Peyton cheat on Brooke. The same happens in the third season and they finally become a proper couple in the fourth season.

Why isn't Peyton on One Tree Hill in season 7?

Peyton is not in season 7 of One Tree Hill, because Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) decided not to go on in one tree hill, so they had to cut Peyton out too, or it would be weird having Peyton and Sawyer there in Tree Hill but not Lucas. no that's not what happned lucas didnt sign on 4 another year cus he didnt want 2 n they had 2 cut money stuff down so Peyton left 2

Will payton and lucas return to One Tree Hill?

Peyton will not, but Lucas came back season 9 not sure what episode tho! :)

Does Lucas and Payton have children on One Tree Hill?

Yes at the end of Season 6 Lucas and Peyton have a baby girl names Sawyer

On One Tree Hill who is leaving the show?

Peyton and Lucas leave the show after season 6 however it is planned for them to come back for the last season of One Tree Hill in season 9

Will Lucas and Peyton come back to One Tree Hill with their baby?

No the last episode is 24 in season 6 however lucas comes back in season 9 for one epsiode

When will Peyton return to One Tree Hill?

i don't think so but for season 9 they are considering putting lucas in so Peyton may return :0

Why are lucas and Peyton not going back to One Tree Hill in season 7?

They decided to quit the show, but it would be really cool if they would come back. They are good and they were the coolest

What happened to Peyton and lucas on One Tree Hill?

They are absent from the show in season 7, this is because the have taken their daughter Sawyer to live with Lucas' mother Karen.

In One Tree Hill did brooke get Peyton back for cheating with lucas in season 1?

no she does,nt when brooke always says to peyton that stop being with lucas but peyton always just quit her so brooke has a relationship with chase adams now

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