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playstation 1 games work for all playstation 3s but only some playstation 3s can play playstation2 games

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Q: Are PlayStation 3 console compatible with original PlayStation games?
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Can you play PlayStation 2 games on the original PlayStation?

No. PlayStation 2 games are not backwards-compatible with the original PlayStation.

Can you save and play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

No you cant the ps3 is not compatible with ps2 games

Are PlayStation 3 games compatible with the PlayStation?

No the old Playstation games have titles that will play in the new PS3 console, but not the other way around

Can you put a PlayStation 1 game in a PlayStation 2 console?

Yes you can. PS2 is compatible with PS1 games

Can youย playย ps1ย gamesย on aย ps3ย console?

No, you cannot play original PlayStation games on a PlayStation 3.

What is a sony Playstation console worth?

The games for it are more in demand and desired than the original console

Is the PlayStation 2 much better than the PlayStation 1?

The Playstation 2 console features improved graphics and a larger library of games. It also can play DVD's as well as original Playstation console games.

What games are compatible with Playstation 2?

PS2 games from the same country as the PS2 console and select PS titles

Can I play old Playstation I games on my new Playstation console?

Yes both the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 models support backwards compatibility of original Playstation system games.

Ps3 compatibility with Playstation 1999 NCAA football?

This game is not one of the PS1 games that are Compatible with the PS3 console

Can you play PlayStation 4 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

You cannot play Playstation 4 games on a Playstation 4 console. You are also unable to play Playstation 3 games on the Playstation 4.

Are Playstation 2 games compatible with Playstation?