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Are Prenatal vitamins prescribed or over the counter?


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Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter and by prescription.


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Check with your doctor first (always follow your doctor's advice). However, most over-the-counter prenatal vitamins are similar.

Everything unless told to do so by your doctor. Except over the counter prenatal vitamins.

You should be ok, vitamins would be the last thing to worry about, but switch to prenatal vitamins right away, you can buy them over the counter at drugstores. It depends what vitamins you are talking about, there are many different vitamins. Some can be extremely dangerous in pregnancy. If they are prescribed talk to your doctor but if not, as the above answer says take only pre-natal vitamins.

Laws determine if a drug is prescribed or over-the-counter.

It depends on what codeine was was prescribed for. It is most often prescribed for cough or pain. In ether case there are many over the counter meds for these ailments.

No, Doxycycline is a prescribed drug .

No. It must be prescribed in USA.

Over the counter meds are usually meds that don't require doctor supervision and obviously non-narcotic. Prescribed meds require doctor supervision.

No it cannot, it must be prescribed to you by your doctor only.

All medications have side effects and drug interactions. So, it is important that any non prescribed medication are recorded. This also includes any vitamins and herbal products; vitamins can cause problems if taken in excess, and many herbal products can interfere with prescription and over the counter medications.


No. This medication can only be prescribed by a liscenced medical professional.

In the US they are available by prescription only. In some other countries, such as Mexico, they are sold over the counter.

Generally, only if prescribed (i.e., not over the counter) and less expensive medication (i.e., over the counter) doesn't work.

birth control medications have to be prescribed by a doctor. However birth control condoms are available over the counter.

no, you cannot, estrogen can only be prescribed by a physician

No, its not available OTC (Over The Counter), it is only prescribed by a doctor, to You Only.

No , an antibiotic would be prescribed by a doctor , thera flu is bought over the counter at almost any store, you wouldn't be able to get antibiotics over the counter.

Continue taking it... If you weren't regular before as far as going to the bathroom, it's a good thing you're going regular now. I was on it for 3 months, got pregnant, earlier this year on April 24th 2007, done a pregnancy test May 18th 2007 had her on Sept 14th 2007 She died cause I had her at 5 1/2 months due to INCOMPETENT CERVIX, she was 414gms, just too little to receive any breathing tube, they couldn't save her. Since you're on the Metformin now, this can help you faster, it did for me. Up the dosages each week. Any over the counter Prenatal vitamins or doctor's prescribed. Every women is different, but this worked for me. Ex: week 1: Metformin 500mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 2: Metformin 1000mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 3: Metformin 1500mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 4: Metformin 2000mg w/ Prenatal vitamins Stay blessed!

Yes, Potassium supplements are available over the counter. It should be with the vitamins depending on the store. You can ask the Pharmacy for assistance in finding the product.

no vitamins should show positive result for thc

Some of the conditions that doxycycline is used to treat, like acne, can also be treated by over the counter medications. There are no over the counter medicines that would replicate the antibacterial action so if you were prescribed doxycycline for a serious infection there is no over the counter alternative.

What You Need to Know About Prenatal VitaminsWomen need a number of essential vitamins during pregnancy to assist with the healthy formation of the baby. Although a healthy diet can provide essential vitamins and nutrients, taking a prenatal vitamin ensures that women are getting the health benefits they need. Vitamins during pregnancy should be taken under the direction of a physician, and should be used to supplement a healthy diet and not as a substitute.How Prenatal Vitamins Differ from Other VitaminsPrenatal vitamins contain more folic acid, iron and calcium than regular vitamins. Folic acid is important for preventing birth defects and brain and spinal cord abnormalities. Calcium builds strong bones and teeth for the pregnant woman and the baby. It is also important for circulatory, muscular and nervous system functions. Iron is critical to the development of blood and muscle cells. Some researchers suggest that taking vitamins during pregnancy can reduce the risk of low birth weight.Buying Prenatal VitaminsPrenatal vitamins do not require a prescription and can be bought over-the-counter at pharmacies and health food stores. Although you do not need a prescription, your physician may suggest a particular brand to buy. Women should start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as they find out they are pregnant, or even before for women who desire to become pregnant. Pregnant women should take vitamins throughout their pregnancy, and some doctors may suggest that a woman take prenatal vitamins while breastfeeding.Other Key NutrientsIn addition to taking vitamins during pregnancy, you may also want to take supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in the development of the baby's brain. Vitamin D is also an important nutrient, especially during the final trimester. Some women report suffering from nausea after taking prenatal vitamins. To prevent or reduce the feelings of nausea, it is suggested that women take prenatal vitamins at night, eat a snack when taking vitamins or chew gum after taking the vitamins. Pregnant women should also drink plenty of water, eat a fiber-rich diet and participate in light physical activity approved by a physician.

I would have to guess anti-hystamines, aspirin, and vitamins.

sunshine and fish are natural sources of vitamin D, or over the counter supplements.

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