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Are Remington model 11 barrels interchangable with Browning auto 5 barrels?

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Browning barrels will not work in Remington or Savage, and vice versa. The big stumbling block is the ejector. On the Remington and Savage the ejector is a single hook brazed to the rear of the barrel extension. On the Browning the ejector is a pair of hooks. The bolts of each are slotted to fit their proper ejector. The wrong barrel won't clear the bolt and the ejector will get hammered if you try.

Barrels of the Remington and Savage shotguns have a limited potential to be interchangeable, due to the shell stop cam cuts. The cam cuts are beveled notches on the exterior of the barrel extension. They work the cartridge stop that prevents a second shell from feeding out of the magazine.

Slight variations of dimensions through the decades allows some barrels to work in both models. Like I said, "some". Most do not. The only way to be sure is to try it. Frist, try feeding dummy rounds, and if that works then test fire. The best idea is to buy the correct barrel for your gun.

Information from Gunsmithing: Shotguns, by Sweeney.

2007-11-13 16:17:00
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Are model XTR 1300 and model 1300 barrels interchangable?

Yes they should be.

Replacing barrel on Remington model 12?

Remington Model 12 barrels are threaded to the action. Barrels can be replaced with the proper equipment.

What model of harrington and richardson shotguns have interchangable barrels?

model 158 12 gauge shotgun

Are the stocks of a Remington model 582 and 581 interchangable?

Not without modifications

What is the value of a 16 gauge Browning Model 11 serial 155160 in excellent condition?

Browning did not make the Model 11, Remington did. If you have a Remington Model 11 in 16ga, value is between $150-$450.

Remington model 1900 double barrel shotgun the barrels are marked kec are these steel barrels are damascus barrels?

Does it read "kec" or "ked"? The Remington web site indicates 4 grades of Remington model 1900 double barrel shotguns ( Grades Offered: K - Remington steel barrelsKE - Remington steel, auto ejectorsKD - 2 stripe Damascus barrelsKED - 2 strip Damascus, auto ejectors

What is the age model and value of Belgian Browning with barrels writing Missouri Browning US and SN 39509?

Can you please give us the model?

Was there a recall of Remington model 1100 barrels?

Your best source on information would be to contact Remington via their web site.

Did Remington ever make browning rifles?

Remington did manufacture a John Browning designed rifle. The Remington Model 8, semi-auto rifle was made from 1906 until 1936. The improved version, the Model 81, was made from 1936 until 1950. Remington also manufactured the Browning designed Auto-5 shotgun under their name as the Model 11 in various grades and gauges.

Will a barrel for a Browning Auto 5 fit a Remington Model 11 of the same gauge?

No. The Auto 5 and the Model 11 use the same design, but there are a few significant differences. The most important one is the design of the ejector. The barrels are not interchangeable.

Browning auto shotgun made by Remington sn 1582485 how old is it?

Is this a model 11 Remington? Please re-ask under the Remington classification

What is a 22 Remington auto looks like a browning made in 1950?

The Remington 241 (after the model 24) is browning design and look the same, the 241 was last made in 1949.

Where can you find disassembly instructions for a Remington 12 Ga Sportsman Model - looks like a Browning A5?

Search web for Remington model 11. web info for inertia operated Browning a-5 is nearly identical.

Are all model 11 shotgun barrels stamped?

Remington 11's are essentially Browning type shotguns with lesser values because of the name brand associated with the latter manufacturer. It is possible to find a Remington model 11 with an extra barrel with a different choke. The installed barrel and the extra barrel should have serial numbers.

Will a browning a-5 forend interchange with a Remington model 11?

Depends on when it was made.

Where can you get a shell catcher for a 1940s Remington Model 11 Browning A5 Patents?

you can't.

What is the value of a 1943 browning model 11 a5 mint condition?

Please be more specific. Remington made the model 11, not Browning. Brownings were not made in Belgium in 1943, however the American made Browning was made by Remington in 1943. Please state your serial number and perhaps we can help.

Can you tell what model gun I have Sr 753727 It is a Rimingston but looks like a Browning A-5?

Remington Model 11

Browning shootgun price model 1100 approximate year model 1989?

Remington made the model 1100. 200-400 USD.

What is the manufacture date of a belgium browning model 75 and its serial number serial is 41802. its a 7mm remington mag?

You will have to call Browning.

Will browning a 5 recoil spring interchange with Remington model 11?

Possible, but, have a gunsmith check it out.

Does a Savage Model 720 come with Remington barrel?

AnswerNo. In my research into this question, they dont come with a Remington barrel, but they say that the Remington model 11 barrel is interchangeable with the Savage 720, and visa versa. They will not be interchangeable with the Browning A5 barrel.

Are barrels of different gauges interchangable on a Stevens Model 311 shotgun?

Generally, no. Barrel sets are individually fitted to the frame and will not just drop on.

What is the value of a Remington model 11 auto that looks like a Browning made in?

50-400 usd

Need help model and info of browning 16ga ser A17791?

your shotgun was made in 1947,it is a Remington produced browning,I have one in my collection of a-5s,they are wonderful guns,the only problem is that many parts from standard 16ga a-5s are interchangable a few are not and Remington quit making the parts in 1947,so if you need work done you may have to seek out a source that has a supply of new and used parts.Hope this message has been a help. Richard D.